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It should come as no big shock that I love me some South American tuneage. Across wide swaths of acoustic landscapes, there is retained a certain flamboyance that never fails to bring a smile to my face and a sway to my hips. Well lucky for me, spring has brought a fresh batch of Colombian edits on behalf of Felipe Gordon and Vagabundo Club Social to satisfy all my needs. Out now on can-do-no-wrong label Razor-N-Tape, the 12" features three spectacular edits that will scratch your Latin American itch in wonderful fashion. Today we're premiering the first track on the b-side of the release, "Los Bareteros." 

"Los Bareteros" takes it's sweet time getting off the ground. Building tension right off the bat, it starts off with playful vocal samples and swinging horns that only seem to whet the ears. This continues well into the meat of the song, so be patient my dear listener. Once the foreplay ends, these Latin-Afro rhythms will have your hips moving so sultry you might want to dust off those tight leather pants and hit repeat.

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