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Reminiscent of early nineties Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey piano-house jams, the latest collaboration between musician/producer Final DJ's and singer/songwriter Bright Light Bright Light (Rod Thomas) "Wild" will leave you longing for the freedom of days before cell phones and the internet. Stuetz and Thomas previously joined forces on "I Feel Free" and "Lost In Feelings." This is a partnership that has a proven track record and "Wild" is an excellent addition to their catalogue. Thomas' lyrics and vocals are achingly poignant and a perfect juxtaposition to the song's breezy house sound. You will find yourself dancing right into summer with this track.

Sebastian Stuetz (Final DJ's) on the making of the track: "I was playing around with a piano sample and was directly sucked into this classic piano-house vibe from the '90s. Later, I added more and more synth layers to it. I was a big fan of the '90s piano-house tracks from back in the day, and so was Rod (BL2), so I sent him the instrumental and everything happened really fast. He jammed the lyrics and we contacted the label...that's how it was...and that's not the end! We work together in such a creative way that this song will definitely not be the last song you will hear from us! We wanted to give our fans this homage to the good old days, so stay tuned!"

Check out the track being released April 4th on SoundCloud below.

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