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Premiere: Ulrich Schnauss & John Tye Share Sublime Ambient Cut 'Orange Cascade' From Upcoming Lo Recordings Compilation

Lo Recordings boss and Ulrich Schnauss deliver one of the highlights of the compilation with "Orange Cascade."
Jon Tye

Jon Tye

Independent UK record label Lo Recordings has been putting out quality music for the better part of 20 years. Championing the likes of Grimes, Aphex Twin, Red Snapper, Four Tet and others, they have been an important part of the independent ecosystem in the UK and Europe. The label is prepping the release of their new compilation Spaciousness, an exploration of many different genres, but often leaning towards ambient and the chiller side of electronic music. We are happy to premiere one record for you today from label founder Jon Tye and ambient virtuoso, Ulrich Schnauss titled “Orange Cascade.”

The track is a sublime piece of ambient electronic music. Often lone ambient tracks can be a bit sleepy and feel like they are missing something out of context without an album to shield them, but “Orange Cascade” stands on its own. The song is not like many of its kind with sweeping synths or orchestral flourishes, but instead has blend of a Vangelis Blade Runner and Tycho feel, combining horns, strings plucked with measured ease and soft pads guiding the track along.

“Orange Cascade" slowly builds along its five minute journey, slowly adding more elements and stacking them as the more prominent synths join the fray towards the end.

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The entire compilation will feature 14 tracks and comes with a remarkable diversity of music.

Spaciousness is about nurturing our inner spaces, and enhancing our outside spaces, not by focusing on genres, but opening them out,” says Jon Tye. “This is about redefining the past, and co-creating the future.”

Spaciousness will be released on May 17 and is the first in a series of compilations that seek to explore this avenue of ambient, post classical and new age music.

Spaciousness Tracklist:

01. Abul Mogard - ‘Flecks Of Endless Spaces’
02. Matthewdavid’s Mindflight - ‘Ode To Flora’
03. Private Agenda - ‘Ultramarine’
04. Cathy Lucas - ‘Chatterscope’
05. MJ Lallo - ‘Birth Of A Star Child’
06. Jon Tye & Ulrich Schnauss - ‘Orange Cascade’
07. India Jordan - ‘Rest’
08. Blackwater - ‘Woodstock’
09. Susumu Yokota - ‘Wave Drops’ (D.K. Remix)
10. Seahawks & Laraaji - ‘Space Bubbles’
11. Andras - ‘If You Can’t Understand This Plaque, How Could An Alien’
12. Teleplasmiste - ‘Song For Ingo Swann’
13. Yamaneko - ‘Lost Winters Hiding’
14. Carlos Niño & Iasos - ‘Going Home’

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