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Prince's Estate Releasing Album Of Unreleased Demos Written For Other Artists 'Originals'

The 15 track album will include Prince's demos of songs that were recorded by other artists.


Ever since Prince tragically died three years ago, there have been hard battles fought over his estate and a slew of new material released to cash in on his legacy. Now his estate has announced a new album of demos that Prince wrote for others titled Originals – many of them went on to become hits.

The 15-track LP titled Originals will be released by the state in partnership with Warner Bros. Records and Tidal on June 7 according to Variety. The songs were written and recorded by artists like The Bangles with “Manic Monday,” Jill Jones “Baby, You’re A Trip,” The Family “Nothing Compares 2 U” and Shiela E “Dear Michaelangelo.”

Prince recorded demos for each of the songs, which in some cases helped inform the final version of the song. 14 of the songs have not been heard before. Only Prince’s 1984 version of “Nothing Compares 2 U” has been released in an official capacity.

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Originals will be released on June 7 via Tidal for two weeks and then arrive for all on June 21. Physical vinyl and CDs will be made available on July 19. Pre-order here.

01. Sex Shooter (1983)
02. Jungle Love (1983)
03. Manic Monday (1984)
04. Noon Rendezvous (1984)
05. Make-Up (1981)
06. 100 MPH (1984)
07. You’re My Love (1982)
08. Holly Rock (1985)
09. Baby, You’re a Trip (1982)
10. The Glamorous Life (1983)
11. Gigolos Get Lonely Too (1982)
12. Love... Thy Will Be Done (1991)
13. Dear Michelangelo (1985)
14. Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me? (1981)
15. Nothing Compares 2 U (1984)

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