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End Of An Era: Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Radio Shutting Down This Year

After 21 years of workshops, shows, events and parties around the world, Red Bull Radio and Red Bull Music Academy will fold this fall.
Robyn Red Bull Music Festival Hollywood Palladium

Massive changes are coming to Red Bull Music. According to Resident Advisor, Red Bull Music Academy and Red Bull Radio are being shut down this fall. Employees of both entities were informed of the news last week and both will close on October 31. Consulting firm Yadastar has managed creative and curatorial sides of both projects.

Red Bull Music will continue and it seems as though the company wants to create a more decentralized approach to its music curation.

In a statement given to Magnetic, Red Bull Music said, “After twenty years of supporting artists worldwide with its music program in a rapidly changing world, Red Bull will maintain its purpose of providing a global platform to promote creativity – but it is changing the means of delivery. Red Bull will be moving away from a strongly centralized approach, will gradually phase out the existing structure and will implement a new set-up which empowers existing Red Bull country teams and utilizes local expertise. Red Bull will continue to explore new ways to support promising and cutting-edge artists wherever they may be.”

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When asked about other issues like potential job losses, what studios will remain open or how it will impact competitions like DJ 3Style or Sound Clash, the company did not comment. Red Bull also did not comment on what will come next for Red Bull Music and its events.

Red Bull Music Festival will still host events in New York and Tokyo this year. Torsten Schmidt and Many Ameri cofounded RBMA in 1998. Since then, it has gone on to become a cultural institution hosting lectures, workshops, concerts and events, big and small, all over the world. With a massive financial backing, it seemed as though Red Bull was immune to many of the financial pressures that many other cultural institutions faced. Many big name artists today were were spotlighted early through RBMA and on Red Bull Radio.

Red Bull Radio broadcasts in 102 countries, trying to in its words, “dig up interesting sounds for truly adventurous audiences."

Yadastar, the consulting firm who managed creative and curation, released a statement confirming they are parting ways with Red Bull in October 2019 after two decades of working together.

The music community has started to react to the news of RBMA and Red Bull Radio’s coming demise. 

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