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Review: Jai Wolf Brings Euphoric Highs On Debut Album 'The Cure To Loneliness'

Jai Wolf has released his debut album with Day Wave, Now, Now, Mr. Gabriel and more.
Jai Wolf

Jai Wolf has released his debut album The Cure To Loneliness. The electronic music producer has broken out in the past few years with a cheery, synth heavy sound that can straddle the line between euphoric and also melancholy. He works that dichotomy and expands his sonic profile on this new album The Cure To Loneliness.

With a debut album there are always expectations to not just deliver a lot of good music, but also get the balance right between songs that the fans will want to hear and songs that drive the project forward. He keeps a lot of the sound that fans have fallen in love with from the start, but manages to find a way to branch out into a few different directions with pop and indie rock on “Your Way” with Day Wave to keep things fresh.

He often relies on his collaborators to help draw out different directions for the project. “Your Way” realizes the most ambitious of his tracks, drawing on Day Wave's Jackson Phillips’s guitar and voice for an indie rock top line before mixing in his own 80’s-influenced synths that feel like it could be in the closing scene for an 80's coming of age film.

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The record brings sugary rushes of euphoric synths that often in electronic music are stale and disposable, but Jai Wolf’s brand of production finds a place that doesn’t leave you exhausted and serotonin free, but rather relaxed and looking for more. The album often relies on its powerful and addictive hooks, putting positive spins on heartbreak like on “Better Apart,” noting it is better if they are better apart despite what happened between them.

It ends on the epic finale “Around The World” featuring Now, Now, recalling some of his Odesza influences that have been there for years with its big orchestral synths, booming chords and eventually just piano that leaves the listener satisfied they went around the world with Jai Wolf.

Whether or not this album can actually cure loneliness remains to be seen – that is a tall task for any bit of music by anyone. But if it can bring a bit of joy and happiness to someone for 43 minutes, then it has done its job of staving off the pain of loneliness for a little while. 

Stream the full record below and get a copy here. Jai Wolf is also going to tour across North America with a slew of guests. You can get tickets here.

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