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Review: The Puffco Peak Proves that Dabbing is Accessible

The Peak delivers a fantastic dabbing experience without the hazards of traditional rigs or the pitfalls of first-generation portable e-rigs.
Puffco Peak

Hash oil is where it’s at. There’s no healthier or more delicious way to add cannabinoids to my system than some low temperature dabs of expertly-crafted concentrate extracted from clean and well-loved base material.

For many of us, the conditions for the possibility of cultivating a hash oil hobby like mine include overcoming many barriers. Lucky me, I have access to all the objects of my enthusiasm because I live in Seattle, I have a budget for my hobby, and my life situation accommodates it. I still face some barriers though: I stubbornly refuse to use cartridges and disposables (for several health and environmental reasons) and as a parent of two young kids living in a modestly-sized home, I am not going to be using a butane torch or traditional e-nail on the regular. This means I am limited to just a few options for concentrate elevation.

These days, when it’s time for a dab, I consistently reach for my Puffco Peak, one of the three portable e-rigs I keep in my herb closet. I leave it assembled and plugged in when I’m not using it, so there is no set up – just grab and go. The Peak delivers a fantastic dabbing experience without the hazards of traditional rigs or the pitfalls of first-generation portable e-rigs. It couldn’t be easier to use, the dabs are flavorful, and it is less time-consuming to maintain than the competition by orders of magnitude.

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This is the first mass-produced e-rig with a truly intentional design. Early e-rigs were all ungainly and looked like Macgyvered light saber handles with a hunk of glass strapped to the side. The design team at Puffco clearly took a different approach; the Peak solves the key problems of stability, shareability, and ease of maintenance that keep those first generation gadgets exclusively in the hands of really careful and fastidious solo dabbers. The sleek glass and shiny black upside-down ice cream cone-shaped Peak is easy to pass around. It is perfectly stable on a flat surface and its futuristic aesthetic inspires me to imagine I’m enjoying an exotic space-dab at Quark’s Bar on Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine instead of at an apprentice’s workbench in a galaxy far far away.

Using the Peak is super easy. The machine has one button; you double-click it to make it go. A band of colorful light pulsates while the bucket heats up (you can choose from four heat settings, each associated with a different color of light) and it flashes three times in sync with buzzy haptic bursts before turning solid when it reaches temperature. 

Though you can drop a dab into a hot bucket with this thing, I recommend cold-loading material into the Peak. First of all, it is far easier and more convenient, and even better, it offers the opportunity to taste the complete flavor profile of your material as it heats, allowing you to experience a dynamic palate-pleasing journey as cannabinoids and terpenes with different boiling points slowly add their essences to the vapor cloud filling your cheeks and passing over your taste buds with each inhale and exhalation. The unit beeps once when the cycle is complete. My medium-sized dabs tend to last about three cycles before beginning to taste unpleasant. I use three cotton swabs to mop up the residue when I’m done, and that’s pretty much it.

My first portable e-rig, the Dr. Dabber Boost, solved my dabbing needs, but at the significant cost of the time it takes to keep it clean enough to not befoul future dabs. Besides having to jury-rig a nail cleaner with bits of paper towel and a dab tool to scrub it after each use, I needed to take the whole thing apart and devote at least twenty-five minutes of detailed scouring at the end of each day just to keep the awesomeness going.

As long as I am good about thoroughly wiping down the bucket after each use (I am), I only have to do one, non-frustrating, fifteen-minute deep-clean of the Peak per week. This right here is a game changer for me. And now it is clear why the Peak has become my daily driver.

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