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Special Request Releasing Four New Albums, Details First LP 'Vortex'

He made them in his underpants.
Special Request Paul Woolford

Special Request

Paul Woolford’s Special Request alias was first started in 2012 and has been quite prolific. Now he is about to unleash quite the onslaught of new music, announcing the first of four new albums Vortex.

Vortex will be released on May 31 via Houndstooth. Woolford will like the world to know that he made the albums in his underpants. “I had a right fucking doss making this,” says Woolford.

The songs are said to be "strictly bowel-evacuating bangers" and having listened to the album, my bowels seem to not be evacuated yet, but that may change. Not sure that is the vibe you want at a festival or in a club though…..

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Get ready for Vortex on May 31 and hear the first song from the record “SP4NN3R3D” below.

Vortex Tracklist:

01. Belgian Entrance
02. SP4NN3R3D
03. Memory Lake
04. Ardkore Dolphin
05. Fahrenheit 451
06. Vortex 150
07. Levitation
08. Fett
09. A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere

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