Save yourself the let down and check out who we've included as the most anticipated DJ sets this coming second weekend of Coachella. A lot of the crowd favorites came up a bit short and didn't do all that much crowd-pleasing but some reached that pinnacle and so much more like Aphex Twin who played what was arguably a better set than his previous 2008 performance when he spent the majority of the time seated. In Yuma tent news, the new wave of female techno DJs were represented by Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte who both absolutely crushed it. Check out who else we've profiled below and enjoy your time this weekend.



DJ set or not, Aphex Twin's performance at Coachella's first weekend was as legendary as ever. The elusive artist himself was as sharp as ever with a 90 minute plus exhibition of music that began with warm, welcoming ambience and ended with straight up terror style gabber. It was a comprehensive journey through the multiple styles that the beloved English artist has explored throughout his career. And to complement the brilliant set of music were equally stunning visuals that totally captivated the few thousand in attendance. Sure, the crowd did thin a bit towards the end but those left remaining made sure to fill in the gaps with their screaming enthusiasm. 

Weekend 2 Set Time: SATURDAY, 9:05 PM - 10:35 PM (Mojave)



This past Friday evening at Coachella, one of techno's fastest rising stars, Amelie Lens packed the Yuma tent nearly full with a sea of people head-banging, fist-pumping, and grooving to the very aggressive sound she's been known to hammer at the clubs, night in and night out. This reputation of hers matched with her enthusiastic stage presence and a recent catalog of solid techno has garnered a very deserving, globe-trotting schedule. Get your Friday evening started off right at Coachella with Amelie Lens at the Yuma tent!  

Weekend 2 Set Time: FRIDAY, 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM (Yuma)



The master of the analogue synth may be going head to head with super psych-rockers Tame Impala but if you love your techno, you should definitely forego the headliner for what is expected to be a raucous display of live synthesizer magic courtesy of none other than Stephan Bodzin!

Weekend 2 Set Time: SATURDAY, 11:00 PM - CLOSE (Yuma)


Agoria Drift

Agoria's production resume goes back two decades plus and it's stacked with unrivaled quality which really makes me wonder why he's been given such an early slot on Saturday afternoon at the Yuma tent. After all, the French artist has four full-length albums under his belt and he's getting ready to unleash a fifth later this month which is expected to get some air play during his brand new live show this Saturday afternoon. So go to bed early on Friday night and wake up for a lunch time feast at the Yuma with Sapiens label-boss, Agoria! 

Weekend 2 Set Time: SATURDAY, 12:45 PM - 2:00 PM (Yuma)



Belgian techno goddess, Charlotte De Witte along with Amelie Lens is another shooting star within the realm of techno. Her recording career runs a span of just a little over three years and she's already rung up an Essential Mix, a DJ Mag cover, and of course, two prime-time slots on Sunday evening at Coachella!

Weekend 2 Set Time: SUNDAY, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (Yuma)

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The term legendary gets thrown around quite loosely in dance music circles but Deep Dish are a pair that can 100 percent lay stake to this distinction. The duo began their recording career in the mid '90s laying down progressive house classics that would go on to build the dance music foundation as we know it. Ten years later, Dubfire and Sharam reached superstar status and called their partnership quits. Then began day one of their solo careers which have easily taken on a life of their own. Here we are, 25 years later after the guys hit the scene running and they've decided to re-join for yet another rare set from the legendary duo.

Weekend 2 Set Time: SATURDAY, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (Yuma)



Maya Jane Coles' darker alter ego, Nocturnal Sunshine is one responsible mainly for all her non-house music related output so if you're a fan, I would suggest to catch this rare glimpse of her alias at work in the dark confines of the Yuma tent. 

Weekend 2 Set Time: SUNDAY, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (Yuma)


Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins may not be DJ'ing on Sunday night at Coachella, but he will certainly be scorching the Gobi tent with a live P.A. filled with material from his grammy-nominated 2018 L.P., Singularity. Be there for this and prepare yourself for a mind-altering experience.

Weekend 2 Set Time: SUNDAY, 9:40 PM - 10:40 PM (Gobi)



In case you haven't heard, Eric Prydz has this other notable alter ego reserved for all things dark and aggressive. The name is Cirez D and he's slamming the door on Coachella with a closing set on Sunday night in the dungeon they call The Yuma tent.

Weekend 2 Set Time: SUNDAY, 10:00 PM - CLOSE (Yuma)



L.A.'s own psychedelic dance duo, Dance Spirit aren't only well-known for dishing out trippy techno on mammoth imprints like Bedrock and Get Physical. They've also rose to prominence thanks to a print-only publication focusing on the local dance music scene. A  magazine in which they've curated all on their own titled Space Cadet. Make sure to catch the guys and their unique sound on the outdoor stage of The Do Lab this coming Sunday afternoon for a pre-sunset affair.

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