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Ticketmaster Announces "Wheel Of Fortune" Style Of Fee System For Ticket Purchases

Get ready to pay fees anywhere from 10-100% at checkout as Ticketmaster rolls out an innovative new fee system.

Ticketmaster has announced a new way to come up with fees for ticket purchases. After you get past the bots, corporate pre-sales and scalpers to get your prized ticket to the show you have been waiting for months to get, there will be a Wheel of Fortune-type of fee system that will be added at checkout.

With Wheel of Fortune, you win money. Imagine that, but in reverse! Ticketmaster is here to make money. Michael Rapino’s $70 million salary isn’t going to pay itself.

When you choose your ticket and prove your humanity, just before the checkout menu a spinning wheel will come up. You will be able to click on it to try and stop the wheel or it will slow down and come to a stop on its own. The options will be fees of 10, 20, 30, 50, 75 and 100% fees. On select wheels there will be even a forfeiture of the ticket and you still have to pay the fee. Those are the breaks.

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“We think this is a fair way to adapt our fee structure for the current marketplace. Some fans will get lower fees and some will get higher, but it will add more fun and excitement to a process that is already quite nerve racking on our site! As the largest event producer in North America, our aim is to bring excitement to millions of fans every year, so this is just another way we are innovating the marketplace in your home,” says Ticketmaster spokesperson Cash Biggums.

Ticketmaster has not said when the Wheel will be rolled out, but our sources hint it could be any day now.

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