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Watch: Gesaffelstein, Pharrell Release Futuristic "Blast Off" Video From 'Hyperion'

The video was premiered on the Coachella live stream.

Gesaffelstein and Pharrell have released the video for their collaboration “Blast Off” taken from the Frenchman’s new album Hyperion. The video was premiered on the Coachella live stream, something that seems to be taking off as a theme for big artists who can get the placement.

Directed by Warren Fu, the video has a futuristic, robotic feel to it as Gesaffestein shows off his Vantablack VBx2 suit (the darkest man made color ever) and Pharrell stands in front of various colorful displays and mirrors.

The Vantablack is both innovative and going all in on the all-black lifestyle of the techno cliché. Gesaffestein unveiled a new live set up at Coachella that featured a bunch of the coating as well.

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