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Weedsday Playlist: New Highs CBD Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play!
New Highs CBD

We recently discovered New Highs, whole plant CBD grown and crafted in the United States and made from CBD-rich hemp with no herbicides, pesticides, or solvents. It does not contain ingredients such as fillers, additives, flavorings, or preservatives. Women-run and founded on pure origins and premium ingredients, New Highs is our new favorite way to de-stress. It’s the perfect compliment to a green-friendly, health-supportive lifestyle.

And this 420, they’re throwing a party. Escape into a multidimensional cannabis inspired cross-pollinating celebration launching New Highs CBD in NYC, presented by Humble Bloom. There, you’ll explore all five senses with all things that flower, heal and tantalize. Deepen knowledge of usage, create takeaways for personal benefit, advocate for equitable industry while immersed in the plant’s spiritual and celebratory powers. Raffle proceeds will be donated to The New York office of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Grab your own bottle of New Highs (choose from 700mg or 2000mg), take a drop or two and spark up a doob, then sink into the sounds of this groovy Weedsday playlist.

“Aurora” by Zero 7

We’ve barely heard from Zero 7 as of late and “Aurora” was worth the wait. This is the type of music that fits every single mood you feel. Play it on a record player in the morning, light some palo santo, and kick your day into gear with a few drops of New Highs. Or run a bath, steam up the room, and dose at the end of a long work day.

“Longest Road” by Sensi Sye

Sensi Sye’s take on Morgan Page’s classic brings the tempo down and keeps the beauty in the lyrics. It’s said that the song was written en route to Coachella. With spring fresh in the air, it's only fitting to have a jam that makes your head slowly bounce as we all finally crack open the windows and embark on upcoming adventures made easier with a little CBD.

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“Talk is Cheap” by Nick Murphy

Everyone finds their comfort zone and in many cases it’s beyond that place we truly bloom. “Talk is Cheap” implies just that and pushes the subject to strive for a better version of themselves. Push yourself beyond. Dose, strive, repeat.

“We Could Leave” by Mansionair

Mansionair’s Jack Froggatt told Tone Deaf that “We Could Leave” is a “track [that] follows the internal dialogue of being shy in a crowded room whilst also admiring someone that’s caught your eye. It’s about all those insecurities, trying to stay cool, yet confident, and going over all the things that could go wrong, telling yourself it doesn’t have to amount to anything more than a conversation.” Those insecurities are a reason to incorporate New Highs as part of your lifestyle, to help you get through moments that seem overwhelming and don’t have to be.

“Insane” (L D R U Remix) by Flume

Flume tends to embody sounds from genres of all sorts from hip hop to electronic and this song in particular is for those who listen to albums in full— which is a commitment. Both Flume and L D R U are Australian, and Australia is a country pushing the barriers on hemp similar to how we are advocating in the United States— recognizing the power of the plant, but feeling a bit insane in a whirlwind industry. 

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