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April's Disco/Funk tracks are brought to us by some surprising artists like The Chemical Brothers, standby artists Escort, and newcomer Alice Jemima, proving that everyone likes to shimmy under a disco ball every now and then! 

Monsieur Van Prat - Te Olvidare

Sexy bass lines, horns, strings and bongos are layered with some of the sweetest vocals I've heard in a while. "Te Olvidare" translates to "I Will Forget You," which is certainly something I will not be doing anytime soon with this ready for the dancefloor groove.

Escort - Ride feat. Brian Jackson

Who doesn't love jazz flute!? Ron Burgundy and I give "Ride" our stamp of approval for the simple inclusion of an instrument we just don't hear enough of these days! Escort also adds that flair without making the track sound dated or corny. Escort are the masters of the modern disco genre, and it's wonderful to have them back on the scene.

Yuksek & Bertrand Burgalat - Icare (Extended Version)

Yuksek and Bertrand Burgalat are sending us some super chill French Disco vibes with "Icare." This one begs to be played while hanging at the beach sipping some cocktails. Please do so if you have a beach nearby. Stat! 

Alice Jemima - Icarus

Alice Jemima is a new indie darling on the scene in the last couple of years, and I could barely contain my glee when I heard her newest offering "Icarus." Jemima's lyrics are always complex and really shouldn't work the way they do, which makes her such a unique talent. The added subtle disco spin is the just the freshness this track needs. Delicious!

Bobby Thurston - Check Out The Groove (Lup Ino Rework)

Lup Ino has bravely taken on the task of updating Bobby Thurston's 1980 disco/soul classic "Check Out The Groove" with tremendous success! Ino's version has a brighter crisp sound that is ready for any dancefloor in 2019.

Francis Overcast - Tired (Dr Packer Vocal Mix)

I know Dr Packer didn't always make disco music, but there is no questioning it is what he was put on this Earth to do. Where the original version has a deep house vibe, Dr Packer adds the disco shimmer that takes it to the next level. The vocalist says she's very tired and it's probably from all the dancing she has been doing!

The Chemical Brothers - Eve Of Destruction

I know, I know, you are thinking, "Aren't The Chemical Brothers big beat!?" Mostly yes, but the bass line in "Eve of Destruction" is so funky there was no way I could leave it off the chart! With the majority of their recent catalogue coming in the form of orchestral soundtrack work, this album finds them flexing their muscles. The conga breakdown at the song's end ties it up perfectly. 

Jack Le Funk - Only You

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Jack Le Funk isn't reinventing the wheel with "Only You," but he doesn't need to when the disco formula works. Light, breezy and tropical, with a plucky bass line and just enough strings to brighten up your mood, "Only You" demands you grab a partner and get on the dancefloor.

Hurlee - Tropicana

Save this jam until a little later in the evening because it's so sexy! "Tropicana" comes from Hurlee's latest EP for Tilly Jam. You might get a tan just listening to this hot track! If you love disco as I do, you are going to want to acquaint yourself with more of Hurlee's catalogue.  

Phenomenal Handclap Band - Jail (Marcel Vogel Remix)

Marcel Vogel has added all kinds of fun Disco/Funk charm to Phenomenal Handclap Band's quirky original "Jail." Both are versions are cool, but this remix is definitely more dancefloor friendly. You will want to clap your hands right alongside this groovy little number.

Rogue D - Dancing To The Music

"Dancing To The Music" hits you with a funk blast right from the first note. If you aren't already out of your seat, the addition of the rhythm guitar at the :50 mark will! Super soulful vocals drive the rest of the song, keeping you in the groove all night long. 

Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca - Ero Disco Theme

So, in truth, "Ero Disco Theme" is not a new track, but the kind folks at Toy Tonics thought something this wonderful should have a second chance at being heard. Dimitri From Paris has been tantalizing our ears for decades now, and this pairing with DJ Rocca sounds as fresh today as it did 7 years ago, just proving great is great! 

A-Trak - Work It Out

Dear A-Trak, please make more disco jams for us! "Work It Out" is silky, sassy, funky, and oh so easy on the ears. The funk runs deep in this family. You might recognize A-Trak's brother Dave 1 of Chromeo. I am guessing Dave is quite proud of his little bro right now!

GMGN & Chas Bronz - Just Won’t Do 

Perfect for your next pool party, "Just Won't Do" is chill funk experience until the 2:25 mark, where all kinds of sweet disco horns, strings and sexy guitars start burning up the dancefloor.

Satin Jackets - String It Again

Satin Jackets, aka Tim Bernhardt, is back with his second album Solar Nights. "String It Again" comes sweeping in like a cool breeze, welcome and calming. Obviously, strings are the star here, with a quiet vocal mixed throughout. Tim may keep his public persona behind a gold mask, but his music consistently stands out at the forefront of the competition.

Check out the playlist at SoundCloud below:

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