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A few of this month's artists will be familiar to you. Breakbot is back with a sexy remix for Lizzo and we have a fresh cut from Midnight Pool Party, but the great thing about the disco/funk genre is that there are always new faces to keep your groove moving! Get ready to speak some French and watch out for cowbells! 

1. T-Bow - French Cancan

Parlez-vous Francais? It's not necessary to love this funky little number, but it might help! T-Bow is new to the Disco/Funk chart. "Keep It Funky!!" is the mantra on his SoundCloud page and "French Cancan" certainly delivers. The beach is calling for this groove. One ticket to Cannes, please! 

2. Demi Riquisimo - Mysterious

Demi Riquisimo is back with his second EP Mysterious on Semi-Delicious. The title track "Mysterious" has a come hither feeling about it, drawing the listener in and making you beg for more. Demi blends house, disco, and acid with the greatest of ease. Demi's music has a little something to offer any dance music lover. Make sure to check out his latest EP now!

3. Silverella - My Sunshine

Get your sunnies on for this gorgeous bit of nu-disco! This track is summertime in 3:55! Computerized vocals give this jam a retro 80's vibe. You just might catch yourself needing to put on a headband and find a walkman to listen to this!

4. Midnight Pool Party - Secret

I can not keep this song a "Secret"! Midnight Pool Party just keeps hitting it out of the park with tracks from their new Motions EP. "Secret" is dripping in disco glamour. Just like the lyrics say, they are playing with fire and they never want it to stop, and we don't want them too either! I just hope we don't have to wait very long for more new music from MPP. 

5. C. Da Afro - Funky Groover

"Funky Groover" lives up to its title. Released by Discoweey, the label has a silhouette of a gorgeous lady, full afro with a pick in it. This track makes me want to be her. Jammy bass lines & sweeping strings take you to a time where bell bottoms and platforms were kings. Close your eyes and let C. Da Afro take you on that journey.

6. Bolivard - La Vie

Off to France we go again by way of Bolivard. "La Vie" or "The Life" is giving me life with it's slow, sexy funk vibe. Complete with a Game of Thrones reference, I would love to get a full translation of these lyrics! It's not often that a guitar is the most prominent instrument in a disco/funk song, but here it acts almost as a second set of vocals. Very nice indeed!

7. Tuxedo - The Tuxedo Way

School is in session! Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are back to teach us about "The Tuxedo Way," and I will toast to that! This track is an invitation to a land where the funk flows freely and every day is a party in under 3:12! Don't forget to check out the complete lyrics are on their SoundCloud post. 

8. Lizzo - Juice (Breakbot Mix)

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Lizzo is a Queen and is on fire right now. Breakbot's remix of "Juice" has brought this track back to us just in time for those summer parties! Breakbot takes the original 80's feel of the track and adds just enough disco/funk flair to turn it into a dancefloor classic. 

9. Super Paolo - Groovy Hypnosis

"Groovy Hypnosis" takes us on a funky trip to space. Released on his Disco Milk imprint, hard-driving bass lines push the track forward until it hits the 2:27 mark. Then a full symphony of groove hits and takes it to the next level, with a suite of fantastic horns, sweet vocals, and plenty of "Owwwss"! You will want to stay on this trip! 

10. Flevans - It Just Goes feat. Sarah Scott (Ray Mang Extended Mix)

Ray Mang has taken the original Flevans soul burner and poured disco ball shimmer all over it! He adds hand claps, driving bass, congas, some and wha-wha guitars, while brightening some of the sexiest vocals I've heard in a while -- all in the first 1:20. The recipe is just delicious!

11. Pontchartrain - La Magie

A take on Le Pamplemousse's "Sweet Magic" from 1978, Pontchartrain presents his version of the song in the form of "La Magie." The tempo of the song is slightly faster and more friendly for today's dancefloors. The original still maintains it's elegance here, with a modern breath of fresh air.

12. My NamE - L'Imbécile Triste

And on our last stop to France, I give you My NamE and "L'Imbecile Triste" on Horeazon Records. I guess with all of the fabulous music coming from French artists right now, we might need to learn French after all! This track is a breath of sea breeze on a sunny day. Even if you can't get to the beach, put this track on and be transported to the sun, sand, beach umbrellas and cocktails.

13. Till Von Sein - No Stoppin

Cowbell and whistles!? "No Stoppin" has all the groove you need and all that is left is for you to hustle your way to the dancefloor or roller rink and get your boogie on! Till Von Sein can move between deep house and disco so easily, it's always a pleasure to hear what he gives us next.

14. Queen - Radio Gaga (FINAL DJs Space Disco Rework)

Somewhere, Freddie Mercury is looking down, smiling, hearing Final DJ's treatment of "Radio Gaga." Originally written as an indictment of how television was taking over the role of radio, this modern take not only is radio-friendly, but perfect for the dancefloor as well. 

15. Andy Buchan - What U Do 2 Me (Pete Herbert Remix)

A hip shaker right from the beginning, Pete Herbert's remix of Andy Buchan's "What U Do To Me" gives the track a funky disco/house feel. Any song that can make good use of a cowbell is golden in my book too! A perfect track for your upcoming summer parties!

Don't forget to check out the playlist below!

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