April has come and gone but that doesn't mean we get to ignore the amazing indie and alternative dance songs that were released over the course of the month. Indie Discotheque has painstakingly tested each one of these tracks out and paired down the list to only the 15 best songs of the month. Get on your tight jeans and dancing sneakers, it's time to get into the top indie dance tracks for April 2019.

1. Marie Davidson - Work It (Soulwax Remix)

Soulwax is such an iconic piece of the genre this chart strives to adhere to. Whether you want to call it indie dance, alternative dance, blog haus, whatever... Soulwax is top-tier. Paired with Marie Davidson, whose album Working Class Woman was released last October, Soulwax takes an already amazing vocal techno track to an untouchable level of dance perfection.

2. Crooked Colours - Hold On

The way the track swirls in with the moodiness of the vocal and the minimalistic nature of the keys sets a stage for the rise that is about to come. The high hat starts tapping, and then the bounce of the bass fills in. Crooked Colours has created one of those tracks that pull you along through its pacing, making dramatic adjustments in sound and texture across the length of the song.

3. Mickey Kojak - It's Gonna Be Okay feat. Jake Stone

You've got another excuse for me? In this case, I'll take it, because the bass groove and the subtle backing blips and bloops keep the flow, even if you said a bunch of shit that keeps creeping back on you. But you know, it'll be okay, and it'll go your way eventually. As long as Mickey Kojak keeps making tracks like this one I'll keep coming back to listen.

4. Beck - Saw Lightning

The guitar strum at the introduction of the track was a sign that perhaps this wouldn't be a track for this list, but it's Beck, after all, and I should know better. If anyone is going to throw harmonica in an alternative dance track, it's him. The arrangement of this song is such a satisfying combination of the acoustic and the electronic, layer after layer of groove.

5. Someone - I Can't Remember How To Talk To You

I've featured Someone on this chart before, but I'm starting to think there's some true longevity to this project with such an anonymous moniker. The songwriting is fantastic, but in this case, I wish the bass was a little less distorted because every other aspect of the song has a satisfying clarity to it. With the right sound system (or perhaps the wrong one) the bass will fit.

6. The Chain Gang of 1974 - Heaven

The music The Chain Gang of 1974 has been putting out this year has been a real pleasure to listen to, and the best track to this point has been "Heaven." There's a passion not just in the topic but the way that message carries through into the sound of the song. You can really feel the soul searching here. My arms and ears are wide open and longing for more.

7. Walla - Golden Nights

You know this track is going to be a good one as soon as you hear the subdued introduction that swells into a grand hit. Walla, from Los Angeles, brings us "Golden Nights," a song in the style of bands such as Two Door Cinema Club and Van She. The upper register of the vocal is perfect for music of this style, and the production is very well done. I want more.

8. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - Bill's Mandolin

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The guitar hits you right away, and you know it's going to be a killer jam. With spectacular songwriting, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (might be band name of the year) brings us a 3-and-a-half minute epic about Bill's Mandolin. It's hard to describe how amazing this track is. I find myself trying to sing its complex melodies even though it's all over the place.

9. Talk Time - Colors

The rhythmic plucking and crooning vocal that greets us within the first few measures of "Colors" pulls us into the vibe of this track instantly. It has just the right amount of backing synth touch and a sing along chorus that has a truly catchy melody. The guitar work in this track is very well produced, simply breathtaking, with layer upon layer of playful textures in the song.

10. Fujiya & Miyagi - Flashback

It's a brand new track from Fujiya & Miyagi, but it really does seem like a "Flashback," because the arrangement stays true to the minimalistic cleanliness of the group's signature style. You know a Fujiya & Miyagi song when you hear it, and that's a difficult thing to maintain when you're trying to write music you love while also retaining your identity.

11. Kakkmaddafakka - Frequency

I couldn't help myself. This new album from Kakkmaddafakka is going to be one of my favorite albums of the year, for sure. "Frequency" is yet another perfectly composed, perfectly produced song on their new album, Diplomacy. The only thing about it is the phonetic pronunciation of the band name. It's playful, but I imagine it holds them back in English speaking markets.

12. Yeasayer - Fluttering in the Floodlights

Did you know Yeasayer has new music out? It's true, and you want to listen to this. I'm most enamored by the composition of the percussive elements in the track, and the layering and complexity of the song's vocal elements. There is just the right amount of electronic texture throughout the track as well, maintaining a musical clarity that is hard to achieve in layered music.

13. Ibibio Sound Machine - She Work Very Hard

I am setting aside my urge to correct the grammar in the song title. Compared to the groove of this new track from Ibibio Sound Machine, that kind of thing can be looked over. The bass guitar in this track in tandem with the global styling of the melody is great, and with subtle electronic texturing and brass backing up the song, it's one I'd love to see live. 

14. Sego - Give Me

Distortion. That's the simple feel of this track, and I love it. This track has a lyrical treatment very much in common with James Murphy and the early works of LCD Soundsystem, but honestly, this is a style I wouldn't mind more of. Turn this one up and get gritty, because Sego is here to grind it out.

15. Midi Matilda - Apple Pie

I can't look over the new music released by Midi Matilda. This is a band that I'm always happy to have new music from, and their songwriting and production is always top notch. Apple Pie is no exception. The pacing of the track has an engaging flow with pulsating string progressions that really pull you into the music. 

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