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LA Electronic Producer Beshken Announces Debut Album 'Aisle of Palm,' Shares New Single

His new single "White Gemini" dedicated to American astronaut Ed White is out now.

LA electronic producer Beshken, real name Ben Shirken has announced his debut album Aisle of Palm. To help push the LP, he has released a new single “White Gemini.”

The new single and album announcement follows a series of LP singles that have been slowly shared this year.

"White Gemini” is about the life of American astronaut Ed White, the pilot on the Gemini IV space mission and first American to walk in space. It subtly samples conversations between White and his command center. That is layered into the record sitting around fast paced drums and melancholic chords.

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The LP itself is built around his experiences with sleep paralysis and “delirious happiness, vitality, and anxieties brought on by transitional states existing in both objective reality and dream states,” he tells Billboard.

"The songs are a product of my own unnerving experiences with sleep paralysis, and on the contrary, the exhilaration felt from many late nights fueled by self exploration," the producer says via Billboard Dance.

Listen to "White Gemini” and prepare for the album, which will be released on June 14. Pick up the single here.

Aisle of Palm Album Tracklist
1. Intro
2. Passion
3. Cursed
4. Grey Ghost
5. Focus On
6. Know Your Name
7. White Gemini
8. Relaxx
9. Golden Sun
10. Outro
11. Light of Love

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