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BioLite Bike Launching Commuter Kit To Make Riding At Night Less Hazardous

Get a package of lights from Biolite.
Biolite Bike Helmet Light

Biking at night can be tough. Wearing dark clothes makes you hard to see by drivers and pedestrians alike and since you are moving fast, it can be tough to avoid collisions. Lights are useful to avoid that, but are often not very good. Biolite has launched a new commuter light series that includes four different illuminated items.

The full package includes the PowerLight Mini (with Bike Mount), LightDiffusing Stuffsack, BioLite Branded Bike Cuff and the newly launched HeadLamp 330. The package is only available for limited time until the end of May. It comes out to $89.99 and can be bought on their website

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Biolite Bike Light

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