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Business Techno: Marco Carola Appears In Court, Denies Accusations From Former Promoter It's All About The Music

He is also facing a lawsuit from Amnesia.
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Business techno is a techno business. The legal saga of Marco Carola’s Ibiza residency continues on this week as he appeared in court Wednesday to fight the lawsuit being brought against him by a promoter with an ironic name It’s All About The Music (except when money is involved).

It’s All About The Music is seeking €4.48 million in damages—plus the seizure of Carola's assets, for alleged breach of contract. They want to seize the assets to make sure Carola can still pay because that is a lot of money to sue someone over in business techno. During the appearance, Carola and his legal team rejected all of the accusations and countered that the legal requirement hadn’t been met to seize Carola’s assets Diario De Ibiza reports (via RA).

Carola’s lawyer confirmed the DJ severed ties with the promoter over financial reasons. Its All About Music’s legal team tried to use that as a gotcha moment to note that Carola is admitting the the "existence of a relationship" as it's equivalent to him "recognizing his relationship.”

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Carola is fighting this legal battle on two fronts. He moved his residency from Amnesia to Pacha this summer after seven years at the club and Amnesia is also suing Carola over alleged breach of contract. The club won a ruling that he couldn’t lay anywhere else on the island, but the Italian did just that and began his residency at Pacha on Wednesday, risking a €2.4 million fine.

The situation is somewhat confusing and convoluted, which doesn’t help that Carola’s team doesn’t respond to request for comment and isn’t putting out any statements. We will see if he performs again at Pacha this week. Pacha is still selling tickets like it is happening. 

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