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City Guide: Ibiza With Alex Kennon

The White Isle like you've never seen it before

Ibiza, the mythical White Isle. The land of hedonism, sunshine, and mega clubs. Where a single bottle of water will cost you your life's savings. But, to be fair, what most people know of Ibiza is, in reality, only a small fraction of the whole island. a quick drive out of Ibiza Town and you're in a whole different world. But, with so much to explore, it's hard to know where to start. Thankfully for this edition of our City Guide series, we are joined by a man with a plan, Mr. Alex Kennon. With a release on Circus, part of the Selector pt 7 comp and countless others, Alex is more than qualified to show us the island in a way we've never seen it before.


Word by Alex Kennon

We all like a good drink, so where are the top spots to head to before a night out?

The best area to go to and get a good drink, especially before a night out is in the main port of Ibiza town. There are loads of little streets that wind all the way up to Dalt Vila offering cocktails, wine bars and more. You can’t really go wrong and have an amazing viewpoint over the whole city too. Some people also love to go and drink on the other side of the island in San Antonio for some of the amazing sunsets, or North of the island at the famous Benirras Beach where there is a hippy craft market, and a bonfire with dancers and people playing the drums.


Where can you find the best clubs / late night venues in town?

Clubs in Ibiza, the best in the world everyone says! So we have a lot to get through. I will cover the whole of the island here though, as Ibiza Town by Marina Botafoch, we have Pacha which now hosts Music On, Dixon and Solomon this season. Next to that, a very short walk away is Heart, which also offers a really cool dining experience. About a 10 min drive away, we arrive at Amnesia, home to Cocoon and El Row and then Eden and Privilege. Privilege is one of the biggest clubs on the island, with Resistance being the main draw. I actually played the opening party there back in 2014

Down in Playa Den Bossa / Airport area which is in the opposite direction from town – we have Hi Ibiza, Ushuaia and then DC10! So many choices, I suggest you look at the listings before you go so that you don't miss someone you want to see.

Brunches are a weekend staple, which spots stand out to you?

With all the club nights, everyone needs a good brunch in Ibiza! For me, I love to head north on the island to a place called Aubergine – they have amazing fresh juices, something which I always have in the mornings. Also, La Paloma is well noted – they have a farm to table style menu, with juices and a lot of vegan options. Not to mention, it's situated in one of the best gardens you’ll see!


Best dirty late-night street food option?

Usually, in Playa Den Bossa, you can ALWAYS find somewhere, there’s always a place. There are plenty of nasty food options and failing that, there is always McDonald's in Ibiza Town! Ha.

Where can we shop for records and music memorabilia in Ibiza?

MTM Record shop


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Your Sunday escape plan when you need to get away from it all?

There is actually a lot of places you can escape everything when in Ibiza. One of those is going North to see some of the hippy markets, cute restaurants, and deserted beaches. There are also some good walking and hiking trails. If you have time, I would also suggest taking a boat out to Formentera, and if the weather is good. It’s so magical. The most beautiful swimming, restaurants with amazing seafood and complete relaxation.


Something everyone should do when visiting Ibiza, but probably hasn’t?

Hmm, I think it’s quite difficult to suggest something that no one knows about already or has maybe not already done before. However, one of my favourite things to do in Ibiza when you find a spot you love is to get to know everyone there. I think that's the only way to understand why Ibiza has become such an attractive place in the ’60s all the way through to the ’90s. It’s about knowing the culture of the island and its people. That includes everything from the music to the food, language, and nature. Not many tourists pay attention to this, and really they can have such a different and unique experience in Ibiza if they did.


A track that reminds you of when you first moved to Ibiza?

Paul Johnson – ‘Get Get Down’

What are other great exports that come from Ibiza?

I love Cuinat, is a typical Easter dish that has only vegetables in it. It’s really good.

A gift you can’t leave Ibiza without taking home for friends?

Sal de Ibiza or Hierbas

Alex Kennon’s track ‘Dimension’ is his next release, featured on Selectors Part 7 is available now on Circus. Grab it here.

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