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Detroit Swindle's Lars Dales Injured In Bad Motorcycle Accident

The DJ required extensive surgery, is recovering and already making jokes.
Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle (Maarten Smeets + Lars Dales)

Detroit Swindle’s Lars Dales is recovering from a bad motorcycle accident in Amsterdam. He required extensive surgery to fix two broken jaws and a broken palatum, but is now recovering.

“Lars is currently at home after having had extensive surgery as he’s sustained two broken jaws and a broken palatum. The coming weeks will be about recovery from the accident and gaining his strength again,” reads a statement on Facebook and Instagram. “We've heard he’s already making jokes, which sounds like he’s still very much the Lars we all know and love.”

It isn’t known exactly when or where the crash happened in Amsterdam.

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Because the show must go on, the other member of the house duo, Maarten Smeets, will perform their scheduled gigs solo. It isn’t clear how long Dales will be on the mend.

"Any messages for him are obviously very welcome and we’ll make sure he gets to read them as soon as possible,” concludes Smeets. “Lots of love and hope to see you dancing at one of our shows soon, Maarten.”

We wish Dales a speedy recovery!

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