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Disko, DoLA & Magnetic Team Up For The Ultimate Concert Giveaway

Win 6 a month subscription to the disko app and take a break from overpaying for concert tickets.

Everyone has an app these days but few have hit the mark like Disko. Already vetted by our partners at DoLA, Magnetic Magazine is proud to team with Disko and get you into the party. The new app focuses on concerts and club nights and engaging its subscribers through personalized, location-based suggestions.

But what is Disko? Disko is “an events subscription service that helps people discover and attend new concerts in their city” and it’s not for just one scene. Hip-hop, pop, dancehall, indie rock, electronic – it doesn’t matter your vibe, Disko is tapped in.

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Normally, Disko subscriptions go for $25/month for 2-4 shows or $45/month equaling about 4-8 shows or 2-4 shows with a friend. Most tickets these days at any decently sized venue for one show cost at least that much when you consider at least one beverage or small piece of merchandise. Disko makes it possible to get a substantial value this way unlike its predecessors or giant competitors who’ve completely over-estimated their value to the scene. Disko though is made by real, dare I say, scenesters who know exactly what you’re looking for when you want to hear live tunes. That’s why we’re partnering up to give away 6 months free of Disko.

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You don’t have to limit yourself to just one concert every few months, nor do you have to be obsessive about following your favorite bands now that you can do it on the app. Disko is only available in LA for now but they will be expand to new markets very soon. So enter below for a chance to win a free 6-month subscription and check out the app here for more information. 

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