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Dubset Launches MixCRATE Feature With Mau5trap

Get all 10 years of mau5trap in one place for mixes.
Deadmau5 Cube 2.1

Dubset has launched a new branded MixCRATE option with mau5trap as the first adopter. The feature will allow DJs on an individual catalog instead of the full catalog of millions of songs on the service. It gets rid of the guesswork of finding licensed songs, as the full 10-year catalog of music from mau5trap is one place.

Though we’ve long had high-level searches and filters, DJs are pretty much left to their own devices to figure out what they can put into a mix,” explains Clark Warner, VP Artist Relations at Dubset. “Mixcrates are unique portal to see what’s available, with a few hundred tracks as opposed to 45 million to choose from. The mau5trap crate will showcase the label’s catalog, from new releases back to their early records, so that DJs can compare it to their own collections and make sure they aren’t missing something.”

In addition to the CRATE, mau5trap and Dubset will release some sets via Apple Music by the artists on the label including recent TESTPILOT sets as part of a VIP series. 

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