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Elements Music & Arts Festival Wellness Curator, Dasha Alekseyeva On How To Enjoy More Than Just Music This Memorial Day Weekend

For the third year in a row, Elements Festival in Lakewood, PA during Memorial Weekend offers more than just a music line up with their Wellness & Activities program to satisfy all types of interests.

We can all agree that weekend festivals are awesome -- who wouldn't want to go away for a couple of days and enjoy some of their favorite artists in one centralized location?! What about a weekend CAMPING festival? I can definitely see the perks of popping out of a tent at any time of day and strolling over to a stage to catch a favorite set of yours. Well for the third year in a row, Elements Music & Arts Festival is happening on Memorial Day Weekend in Lakewood, PA and Magnetic Mag couldn't be more thrilled. 

Elements Lakewood Festival 2018

Elements Festival is more than just about the music line up that draws everyone in when they buy their tickets. Partying and dancing for three days seems like a blast, but the festival offers more to experience beyond music. For starters, they have one of the best stage design/production and grounds art curation that I have experienced anywhere else. If the people of Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle decided to do an East Coast festival they'd still fall short to what the Elements crew has managed to do these last two years. Everything from a floating Pirate Ship on the lake to secret neon pathways in the woods with humanoid sculptures protruding from the trees as if wood nymphs were real make it great. On top of that - true to their name, Elements, the festival emphasizes sustainable action with a "Leave No Trace Behind" motto and offers discounts for hybrid/electric vehicle owners. 

To give us a sense of some the non-music activities the festival will have to offer this year, we asked the Elements Festival Wellness Curator, Dasha Alekseyeva, to suggest an activity for a variety of festival attendee types. So if you fall under any of these categories, she's got something for you to try out: 

If you are an 'Adventure-Seeker': 

Try the Parkour Workshop by Paulie on Sunday, and 'HIIT' (high-intensity interval training) class by Ash and Em on Saturday. Also, check out the "SUP" (stand-up paddleboard yoga) classes on the lake! We're there to keep you fit, fun and fab for the weekend!

Elements Lakewood Festival 2018 Yoga, tent

If you are a 'Laidback and Chill-Seeker': 

Check out 'The House of Heart' teepee, a 24-hour meditative sanctuary with sound healing provided by See and Sage from 1:11 PM to 11:11 PM every day. 

Elements Lakewood Festival 2018 Yoga

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If you are a 'Groove Queen':

'Twerkshop' on Saturday plus 'Sputnik Silent Disco Yoga' at the opening ceremony on opening day are perfect classes to get your groove on, both by Jimmy Crowell II. Take your skills from the classroom to the dancefloor.

If you are a ' Social Butterfly':

Stay pretty and meet a new friend at the 'Party Braids 101' workshop by the Goddess Maker, you'll learn how to make braids on one another and learn about the sacred connection of humans with hair and connection we carry with that process.

Elements Lakewood Festival 2018 bowls wellness yoga

If you are a 'Spiritual Seeker': 

Definitely get involved in 'Spirituality in Motion: Indian Classical Dance' by Prnay Chopra combining old traditions and modern twist learn the Indian classical dance.

If you are 'Curious Minded':

Learn how to be more sustainable and closer to the earth from these two workshops: Sustainable Fashion for Unicorns by Alden Wicker on Sunday, and 'Edible Landscaping & Herbalism' by Lauren from The Gradient Perspective on Saturday.

Check out the full Wellness & Activities line up for this year: 

Don't sleep on it and grab your tickets to Elements Festival here

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