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[Exclusive Mix + Interview] New Artist Spotlight: Renegade Masters

Check out Brooklyn's own dance music wildlings, Renegade Masters - bringing a whole new definition to terrestrial grooving to the Brooklyn scene ahead of their set at Elements Music & Arts Festival this Memorial Day weekend!
Renegade Masters

Photo Credit: Kanako Miyamoto

There is something to be said to the art of track selection when it comes down to the ever-broadening definition of being a Disc Jockey. With the rise of brands such as Dirtybird and Desert Hearts with their bouncy basslines and jacked tech-house beats, it would seem the West coast is heading to dominate the underground house dance scene. But, WAIT! What's that over there, raining down on the Brooklyn scene, with their infectious groove lines and eclectic bouncy set curation? It's none other than the Renegade Masters. 

Stealthy swooping in from the depths of NY's iconic music labels such as Nervous Records and King Street Sounds with releases on SOUP NYC, Daylight Robbery Records and Admit One Records, Renegade Masters has been spreading the gospel of house music with original live sets featuring stellar track selections. Being true to the local New York scene, Renegade Masters host their own residency series, 'ILL Behavior' at the infamous TBA Brooklyn showing love to some of NYC's best and brightest in the underground. 

Magnetic Mag showcases them with this edition of the new artist spotlight ahead of their set at Elements Music & Arts Festival this Memorial Day weekend including a cheeky interview and exclusive set on our SoundCloud page: 

Magnetic Mag: Who are the Renegade Masters, can you tell me a little bit about yourselves as individuals? (background personal & music, etc).

Renegade Masters: Two humans. We come from planet earth. We come in peace. One of us is tall. One of us is not tall.

MM: How did Renegade Masters come to be? The history of the duo!

Renegade Masters: We can’t agree on this. These kinds of questions always cause arguments, so we’ve found it’s just best to avoid them. The last time we tried to figure this out, we ended up not speaking to each other for two months. Let’s just move on.

MM: Why the name Renegade Masters, is that homage to Wildchild?

Renegade Masters: That track from Wildchild was an homage to us. We’re older than we look.

MM: I have heard you guys perform before @ Bushwick A/V and I have to say you definitely have a powerful live set with great track selections. What is about playing live and with vinyl that brings out that fun and energetic spark that you two have?

Renegade Masters: All of the knobs. The knobs really get us going. When we are in front of any equipment with knobs, it’s just...something comes over us. That energy transfers to the audience in unimaginable ways. It’s really special.

MM: What is the biggest difference to in regards to a DJ set versus Live DJ set? 

Renegade Masters: More knobs in a live set. And pads. And boom-bap.

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MM: Do you have any original tracks released or releasing? How would you describe the EPs? 

Renegade Masters: Our track “Drop n Slide” featuring Born-I Music just came out on Admit One Records. And another track, ”The Lean” is coming soon on Late Night Munchies out of Seattle.

MM: Where have you guys performed thus far since inception? Anywhere exciting?

Renegade Masters: We did a nice party in our basement once. At least five of our friends showed up. You had to be was really special.

MM: Are you thrilled to be added to this year's Elements Music & Arts Festival lineup? Have you been to Elements before?

Renegade Masters: Yes, but we’re a bit disappointed they won’t let us bring our cat, Unko. He’s a special little guy. He snuck in last year by climbing the fence. We tried to stop him but he wouldn’t listen. So now he’s banned. It’s too bad because he’s really fun to have at a party.

MM: What are some juicy tracks you are considering throwing down at the festival in May? 

Renegade Masters: We have like five “Sandstorm” remixes that we’re pretty psyched to play.

MM: What advice would you give to any aspiring individuals on the path to getting themselves out there and heard?

Renegade Masters: Never give up. And never sleep. But don’t tell your mom we said that.

Check out more of Renegade Masters via Facebook, Soundcloud & Resident Advisor

Catch Renegade Masters at this year's Elements Music & Arts Festival in Lakewood, PA! 


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