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Memorial Weekend is almost upon us and the entire country is buzzing with music festivals. Everything from Lightening in a Bottle on the West Coast, Detroit Movement Festival in the Midwest and Elements Music & Arts Festival on the East Coast. The choices are abundant and we have decided to head on over to Lakewood, PA for a fun-filled weekend emphasized with glitter, costumes and music flavors that can satiate any appetite.

Magnetic Mag has put together two playlists to showcase some of the talent and flavor to experience this weekend and we asked each contributing artist to let us know what they are excited about for the weekend! 

David Paglia

David Paglia

"I am incredibly honored and looking forward to providing music and engaging in the Arts, Culture and Extracurricular Activities this amazing festival has put together. Counting down the days until this moment is upon us all."

Tracks Selected:

David Paglia - Wrong Revelation [Soul Clap Records]

David Paglia - Stay With Me [Soul Clap Records]

David Paglia - Gran Dyoor [Opulence]

David Paglia - Sea Quence [Cenote Records]

Gavin Stephenson

Gavin Stephenson

"Elements Lakewood is always fun for me due to the diversity of the audience. It’s rewarding to show a wider variety of people what I do. Maybe they came to the festival for a completely different style of music but had their perspective shifted unexpectedly. As artists and listeners, we’ve all had that moment of discovery."

Tracks Selected:

Vincent Casanova - Floating Palace [OuiOui Concept]

Popoviciu - Tomorrow [Cyclic Records]

m.O.N.R.O.E. & Adisyn - Elucidate (Dance Spirit Remix) [Akbal Music]

Wyro - Its Not Real [Highway Records] 



"Playing for the second year in a row at Elements and I could not be more excited! I am looking forward to having a good time and to delivering an amazing experience to the crowd at Air Stage on Friday!"

Tracks Selected:

Doctor Dru - Botah [JEUDI Records]

Tube and Berger - Bierchen [Toolroom Records]

Audiojack - Inside My Head [Crosstown Rebels



"I’m thrilled to be taking the sunrise duties at Elements Lakewood on Monday morning. I love musically transitioning the dancefloor from nighttime into daytime vibes since that lets me touch on various styles of music in my collection. Also, I heard there’s a roller rink! I’ll be sure to check this out after my set so I’m not on stage with an injury."

Tracks Selected:

Atish, Bengal - Tortoise (Naveen G Remix) [Manjumasi]

Krissky - Don't Be So Shy [Otake Records]

Gab Rhome


"Looking forward to being at summer camp again! So many friends are playing at the festival and I can't wait to seesaw with Tâches! I remember playing the opening year in 2017, the festival stood out from the start because of the location: I can't wait to be back."

Tracks Selected:

Gab Rhome & Kora - Toboggan [Saisons]

Moo & Jo - Makasi [Mobilee Records]

Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Tristesse [Connaisseuir Recordings]

DJ Eludis


"Really excited to DJ one of my favorite events! Can't wait to bring the party into the early morning at the Pool Haus!"

Tracks Selected:

WhoMadeWho - Montserrat (ARTBAT Edit) [Watergate Records]

Sebastien Leger - Lanarka [Lost & Found]



"I am excited to zipline through the forest, have lunch on the pirate ship, get completely lost every night then throw down some insane tunes on the Fire Stage on Sunday."

Tracks Selected:

Madness - Casmalia [Nite Records]

People's Nation - B.Traits [In.Toto]

Love Magic - Monki [&Friends]

Come Forward - Vonda7 [W&O Street Tracks]

Renegade Masters

RenegadeMasters-Kanako Miyamoto

"We can’t wait to smuggle in 50 feral cats and release randomly into people’s tents and cabins and watch the chaos commence."

Tracks Selected:

Renegade Masters - Brooklyn Boy (Original Mix) [Soup NYC]

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Renegade Masters - Drop N Slide (Original Mix) [Admit One Records] 

Steve Darko

SteveDarko-creditAnthony Sibrian @tonysib_visuals

"I've been looking forward to Elements for months - I attended last year and had such an amazing time! This year I'm hoping I can kayak off of the Fire stage and onto the fire breathing dragon to end my set, but haven't fully worked out the logistics yet. Hope to see you there!"

Tracks Selected:

Steve Darko & VNSSA - Wavy [Dirtybird]

Steve Darko - Whistle Work [Dirtybird]

Steve Darko & Uncle Kev - My Hood [Dirtybird]

Banana Cat

Banana Cat

"We're most looking forward to playing with so many of our friends, in such a cool and unique setting, and then jumping into the pool directly after."

Tracks Selected:

Sid Waters - Harvest (Banana Cat Remix) [Volante Records]

Banana Cat - Derecho [Phenomena Records]

Cirez D - Full Stop [Mouseville]

Harry Leon - Let Me Fly [Haliaeetus Music] 

Beat Kitty

BeatKitty-6_edited (1)

"Being able to play Elements is special and I have been working hard to bring my A-game for months. I'm excited to throw down tunes with my Gradient Perspective family, play out more original content than ever, party with my crew and bring the Resonate workshop to inspire other badass women to feel supported in the music world."

Tracks Selected:

Beat Kitty x OhNo ft. Nova Zef - Chowder [Noctilux Collective x Sublimate Records]

Beat Kitty - Vayu

Yheti ft. My Analogue - It's Like That


Choppy Oppy


"I'm so excited to be a part of an east coast festival that puts so much thought and care into a diverse lineup and quality production, not just of stages, but creating an entire experience for those who attend. I'm also equally excited for several artists on The Gradient Perspective to be able to come and share our music, including: Agent Zero, Thought Process, Beat Kitty and Mcwavy. The Choppy Oppy Live experience is an electrifying blend of multi-genre bass music and live guitar featuring Al Smith and we can't wait to share some new music with Elements!"

Tracks Selected:

Choppy Oppy - Under The Adriatic Sea

Choppy Oppy x Sketchy Pete - Cool 

Cyber G

Cyber G

"Thrilled to be playing Elements Lakewood for the first time this year, and bring those space bass vibes. Really looking forward to to the energy the festival brings, have heard nothing but great things."

Tracks Selected:

Cyber G - Escape

Cyber G - The Beginning (feat. Engix)

Cyber G - The Jungle Demon

Cyber G x Scales - Vices 

Maddy O'Neal

Maddy O'Neal

"I think Elements festival has one of the most eclectic lineups I've seen. I am excited to get a little taste of all of the diverse music and fans alike in such a beautiful setting. I've got some new music to debut and every chance I get to share it in such a different and unique setting it brings it to life in a new way!"

Tracks Selected:

Maddy O'Neal x Dreamers Delight - Valkyrie

Maddy O'Neal x Megan Hamilton - Hit It

The Funk Hunters - Soul City (Maddy O'Neal Remix)



"I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the stage design and art installations around Elements Lakewood. I remember being very impressed with what they brought out last time I was at the festival as a patron. I’m also especially excited for what each crew has to bring to the table for the late night takeovers. Should be a fun time!"

Tracks Selected:

MALAKAI x 5AM - What’s Matter

MALAKAI - Ubuntu

Gaddy - Jeff Gandhi (ft. Know Matter)

Easyjack - Hydroxide

Grab your last minute tickets to Elements Music & Arts Festival @ Lakewood here!!


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