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Festival Banning Cell Phone Use At One Of Their Two Stages

FLY Open Air is taking the step to lock away cell phones at one of their two stages.
smart phone at nightclub

Phone use at festivals is everywhere. When an artist brings out a guest or they first come on stage, the phones go straight up in the air. It is a reality we all must deal with. One festival is trying to fight back a little bit. Using some of the same tech that is used at some comedy shows, the Fly Open air will lock up phones in a Yondr case at the Boiler Room Stage.

This is exclusive to the Boiler Room stage. You have to imagine that this has to do with protecting the image of the live stream. It will be out online, so nobody needs to record it. Also a large group of people holding their phones in the air looks bad on a stream.

There are only two stages, so this takes out a lot of opportunity to record music. Among those who will perform this weekend, May 18 and 19 on the Boiler Room Stage include Theo Kottis, Folamour, Jasper James and Kornél Kovács. You will still be able to record / stunt on friends who don't care names like Seth Troxler, Solomun, Peggy Gou and Nina Kraviz

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