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Goldroom & RAC Launch Label Minerva Music, Distributing Through Ethereum Blockchain

The first release will be by NASAYA next Wednesday on May 8.
Goldroom & RAC

Goldroom, real name Josh Legg and André Allen Anjos, better known as RAC are two of the biggest names making synth-heavy indie dance music. In what should be a fever dream for synth-pop fans, the two are teaming up on a special new venture. Goldroom and RAC are launching their own label Minerva, which is being distributed through the Ethereum blockchain.

Minerva has teamed up with Stem, which will give them a transparent payment structure (rare for music labels) and Ujo to distribute via the Ethereum blockchain.

"These partnerships allow us to execute flexible deal structures in a way that was impossible a decade ago," Legg says in a statement.

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"Our goals are to give artists a higher level of autonomy, more separation from the traditional music industry, and ultimately insure that the way they are paid is as streamlined as possible," Anjos adds.

RAC is familiar with Ujo and releasing music on blockchain. In 2017, he released his album EGO through the Ethereum blockchain, something that more and more artists are embracing as they look to find a better way to keep track of information and get paid.

This label will be a place where they can release other people’s NASAYA, Metsa, Chela and Nolan Garrett. The first release will be by NASAYA next Wednesday on May 8.

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