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Industry Insider: Cosmic Pineapple Founder Kim Booth On Bringing Authentic Wellness To Electronic Music

We chat with Booth to learn how she is putting on holistic events In Ibiza and around the world.
Cosmic Pineapple Yoga

The electronic music industry is starting to realize that breaks, wellness and mental health are vital to long term stability. Festivals are starting to incorporate yoga, talks and exercise as a way to tapping into a new market and outlet for fans. There has been a new breed of events popping up as well, which focus on health, yoga, environmental activism and meditation and use music as a creative outlet at night or in that context. Cosmic Pineapple is one of those brands, hosting several conferences and events during the summer season in Ibiza, in addition to other festivals.

Industry veteran Kim Booth founded the brand after a long career in the music business, starting in media and then moving to label PR and then started her own PR company, representing the likes of Apollonia, Carl Craig, Cassy, Cocoon, DFA, Danny Daze and Ellen Allien. Now she is expanding with Cosmic Pineapple to bring this type of a wellness and holistic medicine approach to other events.

We chat with Kim Booth about Cosmic Pineapple’s mission, how the industry is evolving with these types of events and how her career has shifted over the years. Learn more abut their upcoming events on their website.

Cosmic Pineapple 2019 Schedule

There has been a boom in this wellness sector of electronic music that includes yoga and meditation. What do you think sparked that?

Hopefully it's the realization that we need to take better care of ourselves. The partying aspect is something really fun but it is not sustainable after your twenties. Also, the new generation coming through don’t need the escapism that we needed ten / ten plus years ago. They are here to do something different and to make a difference… to heal and clean up and take it to the next level. When we really connect to the unseen realms via meditation, breath work, yoga, etc, we operate on a whole new level of being.

Music in all forms is a powerful tool to shift your energy, and electronic music is something really special to take you somewhere else. I am excited to see how this will develop.

How can fans know that experience at festivals is authentic and not just lip service to try and draw a variety of people to the event?

Festivals are a great place to experiment and try something new. Sometimes it’s trial and error… I would say that it’s important to tune into your feelings and you know what feels right - if it doesn’t feel right, leave. I use the example of going to see your favorite artist ‘X' and you may see the warm up act or DJ and get into them also, or you may stumble into a tent on the way there and find someone new. it’s similar with this work. Someone may wander into the wellness tent at a festival and try meditation for the first time and then think "I want to experience this when I go home.” This happened at the Cosmic Corner at Bestival and it felt so warming! I would hope festival organizers curate with integrity - with a true care for the people coming to their festival and what would work for them.

What factors do you take into account for booking DJs?

A lot of them I know already and are friends from working with them in dance music. And the ones I don’t, I have a great feeling for - their music, their energy, their style and their message.

Cosmic Pineapple Dj set

What are a few factors that make your event unique to others in a similar category?

I guess the cosmic and creative aspect. And the fun. A lot of the spiritual things can be quite serious. I can be serious but I also know how much fun is needed in our lives and not to take everything too seriously. I hope that my friends and I (you will notice it is high with female energy) create a really safe and easy space for people to come and experiment and try new things. This also comes from my heart and much of what is happening at Cosmic is what has healed and helped me on my path -- from the music to the meditation. I also come from the rave, so this is always threaded through somehow. You never quite know what will happen. :)

Why have you stuck with Pikes Hotel for this?

I love the space and the creativity and freedom they allow. I have known Dawn and Sarah from Pikes for many years and I love working with them. They allow for the visions I have to open up. Pikes is the perfect canvas to paint an event on.

Is each of the sessions going to be different? If so, how?

Yes! All of the teachings and the music will be based around the themes I have created. For the Ancient Mysteries event on June 11 we have teachings on womb wisdom and a Mayan cacao ceremony (and a great cosmic secret DJ) and for Dream Land in July we have a dreams and unconscious workshop. The artists playing know the energy and loosely theme their music around this. There are many ways that I curate, that you may not notice on first glance, but look deeper and it's there.

Cosmic Pineapple Meditation

What are some challenges of putting on an event like this in Ibiza?

For me a big one is budget as there is very small budget and I manage all aspects from the curation, organization and the promotion. All of this takes a lot and I pull in a lot of favors across the island and more! But it's all for good causes so people are mostly happy to contribute! I am really grateful that I feel very supported by my friends and peers in dance music, as I believe we are a community and we help each other.

Your charity focus this year is on Climate Change. How will you attack this issue? What can events and attendees do better to lower their carbon footprint?

You know this is work in progress. We will be working with the Ibiza Preservation Fund and also Ibiza Fenix. They will be at the events to give their wisdom and we will also do art projects to bring awareness. Pikes are really on board with stopping to use plastic straws and single use plastics and they are also using purified well water for guests and working with local farmers for their food menu.

Last year I asked some island promoters to collect their straws so we could do an art project with used plastic straws. My other secret reason for this was to bring awareness to promoters on how many straws and plastic they were using. There really does need to be an alternative in clubs here to the tiny plastic bottles. In Switzerland at a festival I was working on, called Polaris, you can ‘rent’ a cup for the night and then fill it with your drinks etc. This could be a nice way.

Awareness is the first step to create change. I also shared this article on my website a few months back, that may have some tips!

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What do you hope attendees will take away from the events?
Good, good energy, hope, inspiration and wonderful memories. And a little spark inside to create some magic in their own lives and communities.

How did you get into the business?

I have been working in dance music since I was 18 - half of my life!! It was interesting to do this!

2000 - 2001 - I started working at Ministry Magazine as a junior writer and went on to work with Mixmag and Muzik Magazine.

2001 - 2002 - I worked for Defected Records as the PR assistant and this is where I got a huge amount of training on dancefloors and disco. Records released included Shakedown “At Night,” Kings of Tomorrow “Finally” and Roger Sanchez “Another Chance.” It was a beautiful time!

2002 - 2005 - I worked with Underwater Records, which was Darren Emerson’s record label. It was an exciting time with Tim Deluxe “It Just Won’t Do,” GusGus “David,” PNAU, Mutiny and my first season in Ibiza, first Miami, etc… I also worked with Lottie AND Misdemeanors, Yousef, David Guetta (my old boss was his manager for years) and lots more.

2005 - After deciding to quit dance music I went travelling. I ended up in Australia for four months and couldn’t get a job in a restaurant so I started to do a night in Sydney called Tonite Only, which was awesome and Nick Littlemore (half of Empire Of The Sun) was resident alongside his brother Sam Littlemore and lots of wicked Sydney DJs.

2005 - I worked for Prohibition DJ in Ibiza and promoted LCD Soundsystem, amongst others to Ibiza DJs. This was one of my favorite jobs ever! I was also the PR manager for Pacha and that winter I moved to Paris and began my own PR company, Rebel Butterfly - Dan Ghenacia and Serge Santiago were my first clients.

2006 - Back to Ibiza for the summer and We Love… Sundays at Space poached me to become their PR manager. It was an amazing and fun summer. I lived in a villa with the Mulletover crew and we named it the Villa of Joy because it just was. Every Monday, after Space, we would come home with whatever DJ was playing and play fancy dress until it was time to go to DC10. Ewan Pearson made a mix inspired by some of our fun mornings and it was made into and RA podcast and got voted the mix of the year!

2007 - I moved to Berlin for the winter as was working with Tiefschwarz and got hooked after a couple rave holidays there. This was a really amazing time for me in terms of dancefloor fun and also work. I worked with Jamie Jones for his first ever release plus my all time favorite Laurent Garner, Josh Wink and more.

2008 - 2011 - I moved back to London pretty much as my mum passed and I needed to be closer to home. Rebel Butterfly expanded the roster and more people started to work with me. Here was when I started to really get into yoga.

2011 - I did my first yoga teacher training in India. From around this time is when I really started to go on the more spiritual route, as I needed this connection to stay in balance.

2012 - I started to teach yoga in Ibiza. Pikes was the first venue I taught at.

2012 - 2015 - I would spend the summers in Ibiza and the winters go traveling to learn something new. I had a great team supporting me so I could travel and learn, and work. I also put on the first cosmic and creative day at my Ibiza home in 2013.

2015 - I started Cosmic Pineapple website - inspired by all I had been learning and the people I had met on my path.

2016 - I received my second yoga teacher training at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala - here I also started to work with crystal singing bowls and bought my first set soon after and began to pair with cacao heart medicine. I put on the first Cosmic Pineapple events in Ibiza - a four week run, which was absolutely exhausting but so magical… and funny. We would be trying to hang planets up in the space rave as the first DJ was starting and people were coming in.

2017 - It was a low year for personal reasons and I only did one event in Ibiza. I decided to leave PR fully this year and close Rebel Butterfly in its PR format. Over the 13 years since its inception, clients included Apollonia, Carl Craig, Cassy, Cocoon, DFA, Danny Daze, Ellen Allien, Erol Alkan, FM Belfast, Guy Gerber, Hot Chip, Iceland Airwaves Festival, Josh Wink, Marc Romboy, Radio Slave, Secret Solstice, Simian Mobile Disco, Solomun, The Martinez Brothers, Tiga and lots more.

2018 - I did four Ibiza events and also the first Cosmic Corners - at Bestival and I also taught yoga and gave a beautiful cacao ceremony at Houghton. And I gave my first yoga retreats - in Ibiza and in Iceland over winter solstice - both were MAGIC!

2019 - I will be holding six events in Ibiza, plus retreats in the winter season and cosmic corners at festivals and teaching yoga, holiday magical cacao and crystal singing bowl ceremonies.

How did you pivot your career?

It has been a slow transition. I was actually moreover forced to change as I has a deep family trauma that lead to me needing a break and thankfully my clients and the people I worked with were really supportive. I feel like the new stages are still emerging - it takes time and I have always been about organic growth.

How has music PR, notably dance music PR changed over your career?

Well, when I started everything was on vinyl so mailouts would take a day at least to do. Now its automatic. It used to be also mainly based by the territory you lived in, so I would focus on UK, etc. I think Melissa at Tailored and I were two of the first to do international promotions. I remember when I worked for a label and getting a reaction from someone in Japan, I was like “wow.” Now it's normal. There is of course a lot more competition now also and in terms of medias many many are out there…. And there is the beauty of everything being fast if you have a good product to promote. I get a bit lost in it all now. I also do think you have to be out at the raves listening to the music and knowing what’s hot. Which I was very good at in my early and mid twenties. Now I just want to stay at home and play with my crystal bowls.

What are a few unknown or underrated things that are quite key to putting on a successful event?

Support!! You know it’s never just the person putting on the event, or the headlining DJ. It's every single aspect that makes it work. The person on the door, the toilet attendant, the person clearing up your rubbish, the ones sitting in the office behind a desk making all of the back end happen. I also feel its a lot about the energy you hold as a curator / promoter, whatever, notably how you feel and how you can expand that feeling. It is also about how much you can trust in your vision. 

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