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Korg Announces Minilogue XD Desktop and Volca Nubass

The best just got smaller
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Today, leading synth maker Korg has announced two new desktop synths - the Minilogue XD module, and the Volca nubass. The Minilogue module retains all the functionality of the full version, minus the key bed. It can also be linked with the original to create a massive 8-voice synth. This is a solid move by Korg, as many people have been wanting a more space saving version of the XD. The XD module will be available starting July 2019 with a $549.99 US street price.


As for the nubass, Korg has placed an actual vacuum tube inside of the tiny Volca enclosure, which will add rich and thick harmonics to the sound, much like a stomp box or guitar amp. The distortion takes after classic stompbox style distortions and is controlled via the tone knob. Onboard is also a full-fledged 16-step sequencer. The nubass will be available from August 2019 for $199. This now begs the question if we will see this same technology being brought to their other Volcas, like the Keys or Beats. Personally, I think we will be seeing that in the near future. 

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