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Lights/Out Exclusive: Milo Spykers [Lenske] Essential Classic Summer Techno Anthems

Hot off his release on Amelie Len's label, Milo gives presents his summer essentials

Can you feel it? Summer inches closer and closer every day. After a massive release on Amelie Len's Lenske imprint, we asked Milo Spykers to provide his essential techno summer anthems to help get us ready for the season, which range from Front 242 to Adam Beyer and the like. Also, you'll be able to stream his new EP below, which is out now. 

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Adam Beyer - Ignition Key (Speedy J remix) (2002)

Adam Beyer and Speedy J, both legends of the techno scene, came together to create this monumental track. The almost 9-minute track takes you on a journey which builds towards several climactic moments by the use of uplifting melodies, pummeling snares, and other percussion although there is no kick drum in sight. Speedy J is a producer with a wide range of production styles from ambient to hard and effective techno. Ignition Key lies somewhere between those two ends of the spectrum.

Ignacio - Virton (Chris Liebing Remix) (1998)

Chris Liebing remixes the Ignacio moniker of Steve Rachmad. What fascinates me about this track from 1998 is that it’s extremely simple, I can only hear one synth and one drum machine, yet super effective. Generally, the more stripped down a track is the more work each element needs to make their combination interesting and not too repetitive. Liebing executes this flawlessly and works his way towards multiple crescendos which will send any dance floor into a frenzy.

Pom Pom - 03 B1 (2001)

Not much is known about the enigmatic producer Pom Pom. The Discogs page tells us only that the producer has been prolific over the last 20 years. All of this music is released on vinyl with an all black label which again doesn’t give us any information. The B1 track of Pom Pom’s third release samples a large part of the 80’s classic I Wear My Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart. The instantly recognizable riff combined with the distorted percussion makes this track stand out and will surely fascinate the dancing crowd.

MidfieldGeneral - Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix) (1999)

Although I’m not a big fan of bongo loops in techno Dave Clarke gets away with it in this classic remix from 2000. He does so by including a massive bassline that initially starts of pretty buried in the mix. But as the track goes on Clarke opens up the filter and adds more synth layers by the time the track hits the halfway mark the bassline has grown to this massive growling beast that begs anyone who’s listening to turn up the volume. This combined with the vocal makes it an unforgettable track.

Devilfish - Manalive (2006)

Devilfish samples Inner city’s Good Life and uses its stabs to create a peak time techno track. The recognizable lead combined with the banging drums made Manalive a DJ favorite. Because of the memorable lead, I can see this track be the highlight of any style of a DJ set. Also, Carl Cox was enthralled by Manalive and played it at the 2000 edition of the Loveparade in Berlin. There’s a video of that exact moment on youtube where you can see thousands of people collectively going nuts to the sounds of this track.

Funk D’Void - Diabla (Heavenly Mix) (2001)

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Released on the legendary Soma Records this track is something special to me. The almost 10-minute journey slowly builds up to a euphoric rush and then in the last minutes slowly builds down again leaving only the synths playing. This makes it one of my favorite tracks to close my sets with. The yet again big bassline combined with the ethereal pads truly make this track heavenly.

LFO - LFO (Leeds Warehouse mix) (1990)

This almost 30-year-old track was ahead of its time by a longshot. LFO was at the forefront of the early rave scene with this track being of pivotal importance to the evolution of the genre. The bleeps and pads make this track have an ‘I’m floating in outer space’ kind of feeling while the deep bass was known to destroy sound systems that were too weak to produce the low frequencies. LFO was kind enough to warn the listener by etching ‘Mind those speakers’ into the vinyl. You can easily play it to dance floors today with the same explosive effect as 3 decades ago.

Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri - Pandoro (2003)

I’m fascinated by early 2000s techno which developed into two contrasting styles. On the one hand, you had the more minimal approach that started to blow up which was all about slower BPM, sparse arrangement and subtle changes. While on the other hand, you had a more fastpaced and harder style. The Primate Recordings label is an excellent showcase of the harder variant. Pandoro is built up from heavily compressed drums and again a huge bassline (can you tell I like bass?) which functions as the lead of the track. This track is fast and hard but still managed to be catchy which makes it a personal favorite of mine.

Grindvik & Hardcell - Streetlife (2004)

Pär Grindvik and Hardcell, both from Sweden, have bundled forces numerous times and created some of my favorite tracks from that time. Especially the Gainlane series on Drumcode is brilliant and worthy of your record digging time. However, Streetlife was released not on Drumcode but on Stockholm Ltd. A label run by Grindvik himself since the early 2000s. For me, it is all about the lead synth in Streetlife. It’s simple yet captivating and memorable which gives this track its anthemic flair.

Mark Franklin - Release To The System (Beaumont Hannant Remix) (1994) Words can’t do this justice. This track is what pure bliss sounds like.

Front 242 - Religion (Prodigy Trance U Down Mix) (1993)

I can’t think of a more deadly combination than Front 242 and The Prodigy as far as 90s electronic music goes. My fellow Belgians Front 242 helped to put our country on the electronic music map. Known for their industrial sound they were the perfect match with The Prodigy, the kings of the 90s rave sound. Their combined efforts resulted in a highly energetic, tranced out, ecstatic piece of music that will pulverize any dance floor equipped with a capable sound system. Fast breakbeats, fat synths, lush pads, and an ominous vocal are the ingredients for this monster of a track.

Milo Skypers - 'Observable 93 EP' is available now. 

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