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Lights/Out Premiere: Elder Island - Kape Fear (Cousn Remix)

Deep, 90s acid house tinged hedonism
Ei - Kape Fear KP-350 - Remix Artwork

Today, Lights/Out brings you an exclusive premiere of Elder Island's 'Kape Fear', remixed by Cousn. The lowkey acid, mixed with the massive 90s-esque vocal is prime dancefloor material. While this track is a serious heater, the laid back percussion adds that perfect late hot summer night touch. At first, this record might seem a bit different from our previous premieres, but Lights/Out has, and always be, about bringing forth the freshest music from the world over, regardless of genre. Stream the track below, and indulge in your deepest hedonistic desires. 

Elders Island 16-11-18 14356 LUKE & DAVE

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