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I am really excited to see what the future has in store for LX One's new imprint "Vantage Records." He is an artist who I have been following within music since I was around 17. I'm 28 now and he is still as current as he ever was. For Vantage Records 001 (VTR001), LX has decided to rope in one of the scene's hardest working emcees, Killa P, for a collaborative track that ticks every single box. To finish off he has chosen to bring through the don Icicle for remix duties, which is a great choice as it puts yet another dynamic on an already smashing release.

LX One - Link Up feat. Killa P

This one is definitely a very dark, murky track. From the offset, the intro comes with an evil undertone, bits of Killa P's fragmented vocals loom out of the depths before it builds up towards the drop. When the drop comes, LX One's signature sound is heard squeezing through with Killa's faultless vocal over the top. Harsh, industrial textures engulf the entire track, and with Killa's flow complimenting the instrumental so well, this is the perfect link-up between producer and vocalist. I cannot wait to hear more from these two.

Killa P

Killa P

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LX One - Link Up feat Killa P (Icicle Remix)

For the remix, I really respect what LX was thinking here. Rather than choose yet another generic 140 remix, he's decided to flip it and reach for an artist who is one of the most respected within underground music: Icicle. Now Icicle has completely reworked the original and opted to mould it into a dark, half-time roller. When it drops, the sub hits you so unexpectedly, Killa P's vocals have been chopped and edited in such a way that they somehow sound even darker than when originally recorded.



If you want to support the release, head over to Juno here to purchase.

Big up LX-One, Killa P and Icicle for putting together such a killer release.

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