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Magnetic Mix 026: Jumo

Jumo delivers with a blend of his own records and some eclectic disco and house.

French electronic artist Clément Leveau, known professionally as Jumo, has started to make a name for himself in his home country. With a slew of releases over the past couple of years on Nowadays Records, he has started to develop a sound that varies between playful melodic tracks and darker electronica. He released a new EP Périodes Aléatoires was released about a month ago, which captures that dichotomy. With the EP in mind, we asked Leveau to make our latest Magnetic Mix and he delivered with a blend of his own records and some eclectic disco and house.

"I tried to play some house beats with specifics tracks based on drums and percussion, with a bit of acid,” explains Jumo. “That was my thing for the last few weeks."

In addition to the mix, we also caught up with the producer to see how the EP was made, the message in his video for “Et Le Vent” and much more.

Why did you name the EP Uncertain times? What about this EP reflects that title? What about today is uncertain?

The title came from thoughts I wrote during the last two years, at different times of my life. “Périodes Aléatoires” or “Uncertain Times” fits with states of minds and/or moods in which everything can happen (better of worse) without any control on purpose, it fluctuates between profusion and void, happiness and sadness, etc.

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The title reflects this EP by its construction but mostly its context, which works for my whole body of work. The next tracks will be released throughout the year (4 EPs between now and November). Context is the distance I put between myself and all kinds of results, letting the uncertain nature of those times guide me to construct every piece of music. But it’s not just about my music, I let my life be guided by those incoming elements, those that make me make choices.

For me, writing and creating is not predictable, it’s not a matter of time or space, and it’s an urge that can’t be forced. If I try to force creating it doesn’t work, or else it is the mistakes that came from forcing that will bring me something. It’s a kind of serendipity, like many other artists, the unexpected is a huge source of inspiration, but I avoid provoking it, I let it come to me.

For those EPs, I was rarely in my studio to start a track, usually if I go, it’s because I already laid an idea somewhere, that came from a past mistake or coincidence, probably in a train, or in a bar, or during a holiday. When we don’t have a life with fixed times and a tedious job, all days are different, so everyday I observe, as much as possible, thinking about everything that might happen. Sometimes things happen, sometimes not.

In the video for "Et Le Vent" why did you project words on trees and what about the human condition are you trying to ask? Why don't we care enough about others or will we change?

This video is the first in a series of eleven, in each, we’re using the same concept, texts screened on real life scenery in sequence-shot, using a video projector. The only factor changing is the background. Those texts came from my notebooks, they are my thoughts that I put back together and we can imagine that the camera’s point of view is subjective, texts are subtitling, bringing a deeper meaning -- a shock between reality and imagination. Here we are on a deserted road and the thoughts are losing themselves in nature. On the next video text will be projected on houses giving a totally different meaning to the picture, but the meaning remains personal. It is very important to me is to let room for interpretation; everyone can understand something totally different out of them.

I call out people through my own condition, my own filter. Precisely on this video my thoughts find their place and their meaning in this particular scenery, cold, dark and deserted, an endless road just as my issues. It allowed me to free myself from regrets, but also to reveal secrets to my close friends and family, if they ever see the video.

Full tracklist for the mix is below.

Jumo - Les autres
Zombie zombie - Livity
Magda & Suade - Fixation
Yotam Avni - Pentimento
TH. Twin Sister - All Around and we go (Eskimo Twins Remix)
Percussion (Fourtet) - KHLIHI
Acid Bitchez - Thinking About Acid (Joeski Remix)
Adresse Versions - Pulp Fusion
Asquith - The Conditioning Track (North London Mix)
808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep Remix)
Jumo - Bleu (Madben Remix)
Kink - Detunator
Depeche Mode - Where's The Revolution (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) 

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