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So, for those of you that haven't heard of Numa Crew, they are an underground Italian music collective made up of DJ's, Producers and one emcee. They were established in Florence, Italy, around 2005 and have been at the pinnacle of Italy's music scene for quite some time now. They've had countless releases on very well respected labels such as Liondub International, Moonshine Recordings, Voodoo Rebel & Digital Smokerz. Its easy to see from the releases they've put out and their constant musical output that this collective is made up of an incredibly talented bunch of artists.

Following up from NUMAREC001 which was a very weighty record and featured Killa's army, NUMAREC002 is a much different kind of release. It covers various speeds and styles from reggae-inspired dubstep to half-time & jungle. It really does tick every box for us.

"Broka" is a heavy hitting dubstep anthem, with a gully vocal from XL Mad. Harsh industrial textures are sprinkled over the entire track, with almost a 2-step feel at times.

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However "Hypergrade" comes with a completely different feel. Sinister highs creep in through the intro and once the drop opens up you're met with a dark rolling sub, patterned with these glitchy, high end bleeps. Dark track from the Numa camp.

"Heartless Badboys" is a track from the release that really stuck out to us. It's a mash-up of half-time drum & bass, reggae vocal samples, and one of the grimiest synths I have heard on a track of this speed in a very long time. Ago and Tkay smashed it with this one. 

The last track, but by no means least, is titled "Old Ravers" by Lapo, and its an ode to the Junglist within us. Very sick, nostalgic track from Lapo that really rounds off an excellent release from Numa Crew. 

Make sure you check out the rest of the release here, and don't forget to purchase here

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