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With scattered rain throughout the city, Thursday was still lively in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Streets were filled with people traveling from as far as Iowa, and all had one destination in mind: Nashville’s relatively new Ascend Amphitheater. May 2nd was the first organized day of 2019 for Ascend to open their gates to the public, allowing the 6,800-capacity venue to completely fill with fans. A production as large as the sold-out crowd was about to take place - a production that could only be executed by Perth natives Tame Impala.

While daylight still soaked through the clouds, Mdou Moctar took to the massive stage. Moctar's music was not only unique but a perfect opening act as they combined modern psychedelic rock with adaptations of Berber music native to Africa. You could even say Mdou Moctar's sound was comparable to music from Tame Impala's Innerspeaker with an added jam band style. Needless to say, they kept the crowd's interest and expressed their appreciation.

Nashville's skyline eventually illuminated and the stage became dark as the night sky. Nangs didn't introduce Tame Impala this time - instead, an angelic hum mixed with the screams of nearly 7,000 people welcomed the group on stage. Tame Impala teased the crowd with an updated setlist including both new singles, "Patience" and "Borderlines," yet leaving classics like "Sundown Syndrome" absent from their live performance. Kevin Parker's stage energy had greatly enhanced as he danced around the stage and would walk toward the pit, talking to fans in between songs and even extending his microphone allowing the people to sing "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards." Although deeply saddening to watch the band walk away after such an uplifting performance, everyone who attended would leave with the privilege of saying they were a part of Tame Impala's ever-growing history on May 2nd, 2019.

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