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If you haven't heard of Time Has Changed Records, it's time to catch up. Getting consistently featured on Beatport, the label is home to numerous dance music rising talents in genres like tech house to deep tech and deep house. Its founder Timid Boy is also a high in demand DJ, playing gigs all across South America and Europe - including his home country of France. 

Very few record labels have lasted over 10 years, but Time Has Changed is one of them. It was a pleasure meeting the head honcho behind this successful imprint and ask him some secrets for longevity. We also asked its owner, Timid Boy to pick his all time favorite tunes since he founded his label in 2007. It’s safe to say THC has launched the career of many up & coming producers, those names below will surprise you!

What was originally the main purpose of creating Time Has Changed records?

I always thought that the "do it yourself" attitude is the good way to go. Running a label is a very nice way to meet new artists from all over the world, creating one’s own network and connections. Its also a pleasure to sign people on my label, thinking about the cover, the promo… And of course its great to be free to release my own music when and however I want.

What are you looking for when searching demos for your label? A specific genre? Specific mood?

We won’t sign too strong techno or too minimal stuff but we are open to every kind of groove, melodic tracks or more pumpin' records!

Was it a struggle at the beginning? Has there been a "game changer" release?

Our Overview Compilation was a turning point in 2010: so many great artists made originals tracks & collabs for us, such as Carlo Lio, Mihai Popoviciu, Glimpse and Marcin Czubala. We got a lot of nice reviews, interviews, etc. I made the mixed CD version. It was a very nice experience.

You have done a lot of parties with THC over the years. How do you think it has helped your label and which one has been the most amazing so far?

It's very important for labels to develop their image & audience by doing label parties. I promoted parties at the legendary Rex Club in Paris since 2010 (I started there as resident in 2003). They were always some great nights. The one we made at Watergate Berlin & Katerblau were amazing too. I have amazing memories with the one at Gazgolder in Moscow also!

What are the key points to start a successful dance imprint in 2019?

Most important is to create an identity. People have to quickly and easily remember your name and remember which kind of music is associated to it.

When can we expect a Time Has Changed showcase in the USA?

I did some THC showcases in NYC years ago! I would like to do more, I just need to be in touch with promoters I can work with on this project.


Time Has Changed Top 10 - By Timid Boy   

Benno Blome - Abotha - Mihai Popoviciu Remix                           

Perfect example of the THC sound: groovy, warm, deep.

Timid Boy - Gangsta (Oxia Remix)                                                      

The Kind of release I am really proud of: a talented friend on the remix for an original from myself and a nice top 10 best seller for the label!

Dennis Cruz – No Critic 

Love his heavy groove. This release was just before he became very famous. Very proud to have him on board.

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Metodi Hristov - Misted 

The dark, but always warm, side of the label!

Timid Boy - My Gang

One of my favorite tracks that I composed on THC.

Gwen Maze, Phil Dark - Play His Game - Adam Shelton Remix

Another brilliant example of the THC sound.

Frink - Butter - Timid Boy 'Love & Coco' Remix

Love this Spanish artist, fresh house from Grand Canarias, Spain! I had such a good time remixing this tune !

David Aurel - No Daylight

One of the most interesting tech house artists right now. Oxia played this track on his Cercle’s show.

Acumen & Mattia Pompeo - Près De La Mer Feat Forrest

Very nice song from my partners in crime !

Shosho - Tei The Knop

I love this deep hypnotic tech vibe !


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