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Playlist: Marc Romboy's 15 Favorite Tracks From Systematic Recordings From Past 15 Years

Marc Romboy

German producer, DJ and label owner Marc Romboy is celebrating 15 years of his esteemed record label Systematic Recordings. Over that time period it has released music by the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Sébastien Léger, Wehbba, Guy Mantzur and many others. In celebration of the label milestone, Systematic is releasing a 15 year compilation featuring 15 records by John Digweed & Nick Muir, Fur Coat, ARTBAT, Henry Saiz, Jimpster and others.

With the compilation in mind, we decided to go a bit deeper with Romboy and learn more about his personal favorite label records that have been released over the past 15 years. There are some classics from the likes of Stephan Bodzin, Rodriquez Jr., Chelonis R. Jones and others. It may have been a while since you have heard some of these tracks that helped propel the label to its current heights and shape the genre as a whole.

15 Years Of Systematic will be released on June 14. 

1.) Rodriguez Jr. - Mistral

To me Olivier is the most romantic musician in techno land. The way he includes a lullaby melody into a techy house context is simply gorgeous.

2.) Stephan Bodzin - Sungam

Systematic and Stephan are tightly connected. When I first listened to "Sungam," I was like wow, just wow. Impressive how he combines a complex but hooky melody with a floor destroying kick drum.

3.) Marc Romboy & Blake Baxter - Freakin'

I don't remember how we produced this track but I'm still impressed what a groovy dirty swinging piece this is. I just remember that it was one of the last songs I produced with a MIDI chain, without a computer. Blake's vocals are moving and dazzling - music for thinking.

4.) Ripperton - A Skilift Upstairs The Sleeping City“

One of the most moving tracks ever released on my label. Ripperton is a true poet, I love everything he makes.

5.) Robert Babicz - Sin

This was Robert's first track on Systematic and it was heavily supported by Sven Väth during this period of time. Crazy how Robert treats the sub bass. One of a kind.

6.) Pezzner - Drop Of Fears

Wow, just listening to this track again as I write down these words. The voice of Amina takes you on a journey and the way Pezzner's makes music is unbeatable.

7.) Terrence Parker - Love's Got Me High

Wow, the vocals, wow woahhhh! To me personally the greatest and most touching deep house track of all times. I had the great honor to re-release this piece of art by Detroit's house master Terrence Parker.

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8.) Stephan Bodzin - Tron

Before the movie Tron came out, Stephan made his very own soundtrack. Still playing this bad ass electro tech monster in my sets.

9.) Dusty Kid  - Tsunamy

I categorize my music on energy factors ranging from one to ten. However this techno beast has a factor of eleven. Paolo is a master mind.

10.) Urban Soul  - Alright

Another deep house anthem which changed my life. It had already come out in 1991 and I had the chance to license it with new remixes. For sure it’s in my all time top 100.

11.) Abysm - Future Love

The only release of Absym on Systematic but the most sold vinyl record on the label of all times. Brings you back into the good old 80s. Stunning and timeless.

12.) OCH - Time tourism (Baby Ford Remix)

I listened to Baby Ford stuff in the late 80s when I didn't produce music myself. What was the name of one track of his? "Oochy Koochy“? Well, later Peter improved what the real deal is when it comes to minimal. Timeless piece of art.

13.) Chelonis R. Jones - Rehabilitation

The most soulful voice on Systematic ever. The way he morphed electronic music with soulful vocals is distinctive.

14.) Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy - Atlas (Adriatique Remix)

Digitally the most popular track ever released on the label. The funny thing is that the Adriatique guys were insecure on if this remix was really great. Stephan and I instantly answered them: "Hey, this remix is the bomb.“ Now everyone is happy.

15.) Fabrice Lig - Gravitational Voyage

When I first listened to this track I felt like floating through space. Fabrice has been around for more than 20 years and has released on many fantastic imprints. This track is still a little under the radar but in my best of list for sure

15 Years Of Systematic Recordings Tracklist:

1. Marc Romboy – Shooting stars never stop
2. Sascha Braemer – Matar
3. ARTBAT – Orbital
4. Fideles – Midnight Rembler
5. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Alkuon
6. Giorgia Angiuli – Ocean toys
7. Rodriguez Jr. – Okeechobee
8. Jimpster – Pipe dream
9. Pezzner – Little ghosts
10. Henry Saiz – Wormhole
11. Petar Dundov – Dream of you
12. Fur Coat- Polar vortex
13. Robert Babicz – Coast to coast
14. Animal Print – Neon avenue
15. Rodriguez Jr. & Marc Romboy – L´aspiration

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