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Premiere: Ben Pearce Turns 'Fireproof' Into Piano-Laden Summer House Jam With VIP Club Mix

Ben Pearce serves up a slice of summer
Ben Pearce

Last month Ben Pearce released his slow soulful, crossover record “Fireproof” featuring vocals from Tayla. Now with the summer festival season in mind, he is ready to release a VIP club mix that will take this from the Spotify playlists to the live arena. The new club mix keeps a lot of the original alive, but gives it a kick in the ass for the club.

Pearce turns his original into a livelier and more energetic record that will potentially be a secret weapon this summer. He adds a big, sturdy bassline for the dancefloor and then throws on top an infectious piano melody that was hinted at in the original, but now is in the spotlight. The vocal hook is bigger and bolder and is likely to get earwormed in you.

“The club mix of ‘Fireproof is quite simple. I wanted to keep the vocal hook as the focal point and the broken beats in the breaks," explains Pearce. "With it being such a summer focused record for me, piano just made sense.”

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Often VIP or club mixes are pretty boring and don’t do much for the record, but Pearce simplifies and then injects this one with new energy.

The “Fireproof” VIP Club edit will be released this Friday, May 31. Stream it below until then. Pre-order it if you feel inspired on Beatport.

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