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Today Los Angeles based house music duo Bósa is excited to announce the official release of their new single “Behemoth.” This ingenious new music project represents the convergence of decades worth of experience between world-renowned producer/DJ Stephan Jacobs and globally recognized percussionist/vocalist/producer Sunev Lovechild. “Behemoth,” featured on the duo’s forthcoming EP Eyes of The Jaguar, out 5/21, is an amalgamation of Middle Eastern influences combined with hypnotic rhythms, lush atmospheric sounds, and tribal house beats. Featuring vocals taken from live field recordings made in India around 1997, “Behemoth” masterfully layers on top Sunev’s adroit live percussion including Djembe and tambourine. Their production could best be described as a celestial symphony that weaves together melodic textures, ancient rhythms, global flavors, and mystical elements.

The talented duo met in the Los Angeles underground over a decade ago through performing at shows and events. Stephan Jacobs is best known for his highly impressive body of music featuring collaborations with artists such as ill.Gates. He also has an extensive performance history at festivals such as Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle, in addition to touring with such with Pretty Lights on the now defunct Identity Festival Tour and Warped Tour. The other half of the duo is composed of SuneV, a prodigal producer who adds his unique flavor as a percussionist, vocalist, and instrumentalist. What began as an impromptu set with Stephan DJing and Sunev performing alongside him on live percussion, soon gave way to requests for the duo to play together; thus the Bósa project was officially born.

Eyes of The Jaguar officially drops on 5/21. The duo will tour in support of their debut EP release later this year.

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