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"With You" is the second teaser single off of JackLNDN's upcoming LP, Thoughts, following "Frequency" back in April. With 100k streams of "Frequency," the excitement about new music from Jack is at a fever pitch!

We all love the feeling of new love. That dopamine rush every time you see your special new someone. jackLNDN's "With You" has put that feeling to dancefloor-ready music. The single at first blush sounds like a lovely deep house melody, but don't let that fool you. Jack Asher has a little nu-disco trick up his sleeve. Once again, Jack's vocals are on point, reminding us just how talented a musician he is. Jack said this about how the track came together: "This song is about falling in love and trying to find the right way to say it." He also considers this to be a feel-good record, written about the thrill of running away with someone. "With You" is no doubt another home run for jackLNDN!

"With You" will be released officially on May 24, but check out our full premiere below.

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