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Premiere: Klingande - By The River ft. Jamie N Commons (Tuff London Remix) + Interview

We chat with Klingande about his new album, tour, and Miami pool parties
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Today, Magnetic brings you an exclusive premiere of Frenchman Klingande's massive hit 'By The River', remixed by Tuff London. Where the original was a fine piece of electronic pop music, Tuff London takes it to the club. Thick percussion, a groovy conga line, and the catchy vocals moving in and out all come together to create a proper house tune. The track will be released May 15th.

We also had the chance to sit with Klingande at his pool party during WMC earlier this year. We discussed the process of his new album, what makes a good pool party, and why it's important to play smaller venues. 

So your party is going on right now for the fifth year, which is pretty impressive. How did this all even begin?

I don't really remember how it all began. I think we just wanted to do a pool party one year, and we had the means to do it here at the Delano. And since then, it's been a success every year. It's at the end of the week and I think by then, everyone is ready for more vibey music. And, it all works so well since I'm playing with live instruments.

So in your opinion, what would you say makes a good pool party?

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Um, for me, it's all about the sound first. And the vibe. What the sound is delivering. I think when everybody is enjoying the music together and you're playing great music and you're surrounded by everyone you know. 

The big news this year is that you're releasing your debut album called 'The Album'. There's an argument to be made that albums are fairly irrelevant nowadays. Why did you feel it was time to write one?

I've been talking about writing an album for the past three years and I never did it. So for this album, I wanted to write material I could perform on stage with live musicians. And I think that to do that, you need to have your own stuff. Also, I think my sound is quite unique, and it's really tough to find tracks from other people to fit my set. So if I want to play what I like, I have to produce it. And of course the challenge of doing it, and it's so much work, but you learn so much from it. 

Now, when you were writing this album, did you have a story or theme you were trying to tell? What was your writing process like?

It was really one by one with the tracks. I did a big writing camp in London, and we wrote a bunch of music that day. And then when we got all the songs together, we found there were a similar theme and vibe to the tracks. This album was really a way for me to give back to the fans who've supported me since the beginning. I just needed to close the door on this chapter. 

You've got the Intimate Tour in Europe coming up. How did you decide on the specific instrumentation was going to be with the tour? 

I'm still figuring out what the is going to fit the best, and I'm thinking that maybe in the future I'll just use the sax and the guitar since there are a lot of tracks on my album that has sax and guitar. The point of the tour is to play in small venues and connecting with the crowd. Maybe I'll play music and then stop and talk to the crowd and tell the stories about the songs I'm playing. 

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