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Premiere: Lost Souls Of Saturn - The Frequency Revelation

This is the latest tune taken from their upcoming album out next month.
Lost Souls of Saturn Seth Troxler Phil Moffa

Lost Souls Of Saturn

Seth Troxler is known for his brash and outspoken persona and eclectic and impeccably selected house music. However his Lost Souls Of Saturn project with Phil Moffa may be his most intriguing. The project goes in a totally different direction from his club-oriented productions into more orchestral, ambient and soundtrack-influenced songs. The duo is releasing their debut, self-titled album next month and we are happy to premiere one of those tracks “The Frequency Revelation.”

“The Frequency Revelation” is the second to last track and feels like it is bringing you to an epic finale. The song slowly builds with a cacophony of strings, where each element waxes and wanes as the track develops. Eventually they bringing in some blustering and haunting drone sounds with static to give the song an ominous foreboding feeling.

At nearly eight minutes long, Troxler and Moffa aim to take you on a journey through time and space, giving you the ability to explore their musical galaxy. It is well worth the journey.

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“Zooming in beyond the molecular level, past the atom and into unseen infinitesimal space there is nothing but vibration, and therefore music. This is our Frequency Revelation,” says Lost Souls Of Saturn.

Listen to the "The Frequency Revelation" now before it is released as part of the upcoming album on June 14. Also the name Lost Souls of Saturn is just awesome. Pre-order their debut album here.

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