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Premiere: Octave One Unleash Piano-Driven Techno On New EP Single 'Lies In Truth'

Detroit icons Octave One are dropping a new EP 'Locus Of Control Vol. 1' this Friday, May 24.
Octave One

Octave One

Veteran techno duo Octave One have been more enduring names in techno. Getting their start in the late 1980s, Lenny Burden and Lawrence Burden have been ambassadors for the birthplace of techno, Detroit since their inception. They continue to innovate thirty years later in 2019 debuting a new A/V show and fresh music coming this Friday with the Locus Of Control Vol.1 EP. We are lifting one of those tracks titled “Lies In Truth” to premiere for you today.

“Lies In Truth” isn’t a hard, banging and industrial techno tune that the city is often known for. The record starts out with a funky bassline taking the forefront, before getting put in the background by a delicious piano melody that carries the record. It is joined by a fast moving synth line that interchanges with the piano melody. They keep things primed for the dancefloor with a heavy kick and open hi-hats.

It isn’t the typical techno you may expect from them, but it is them bridging genres and reaching out into a new realm of electronic music.

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“We like to blur the lines of musical genres, and with our latest production 'Lies in Truth,’ explains Octave One. "We let no musical boundary holds us in line as we developed a soundtrack for the mental movie of ‘Power versus Powerlessness of the events we live’.”

“Lies In Truth” will be released this Friday as part of the three-track Locus Of Control Vol.1 EP.

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