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Manuka Recordings

Manuka Recordings

Manuka Recordings is an independent music record label coming straight out of Manchester and the Pacific North West . Founded in 2018 by artists Louis Richardson (Hypho) and Amadeo Sanchez (1/2 Xakra). Its a platform that aims to push the boundaries of underground music. Manuka’s aim is to spread the various flavours of UK Bass, Techno, Dubstep, Grime and everything in between.

MNK003 Artwork

MNK003 Artwork

For Manuka's 3rd release the label has decided to rope in a variety of artists spanning an array of genres. Tony Rocky Horror is the main artist on the release, with remixes from OldGold, Sepia & Biome. This is a very healthy release, every artist has absolutely smashed their remix. Luckily we have been given the chance to premiere Sepia's remix of "Barstow".

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Tony Rocky Horror - Barstow (Sepia Remix) :

Sepia has come correct on this remix. He's completely switched up the original and created a dream-like track pulling inspiration from various aspects of 140 . It starts off in a very ethereal way, brushes of high hats and spacial textures lead you through the intro. The drop incorporates a deep, reverberating sub, and every now and again a dark, dungeon-like bass creeps through at various times throughout the track. Serious remix from Sepia. 

Release Showreel :

Make sure you check the entire release above, out to everyone involved in the release and Manuka Records themselves.

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