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Ghost Dance makes his debut on Mau5trap with The Mind Can Be Solved EP. The Frenchman has previously released music on some fine imprints like Mähtrasher Recordings and Police Records. He also made music for a T.V. ad back in 2015, which aimed to raise awareness for the H.I.V virus. On the gig end, he’s been performing in some pretty big festivals in France, some of them as a headliner.

Mau5trap has now hit the 10 year mark, its founder Deadmau5 has been curating the label with a nice vision.

The release consists of four tracks in total. It all starts with “God” and right away you know Ghost Dance doesn’t play around. It features acid sounds, a nice build up and massive drop. The tune is quite progressive, groovy and would perfectly fit any big room club worldwide.

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“His Breath” is a heavy dance floor banger. If you like dark techy vibes you will love that tune. The bassline takes you very far, the kind that makes you want to put arms in the air on the dance floor, go crazy and later buy one last drink to get yourself together. The break is short and just nasty enough to keep you moving, while the vocal brings tension throughout the track. "Malware” with Modulhater features a scary arpeggio. Are we gonna get infected by a musical virus? The vocal tries to warn you! This one is not as dance floor oriented as the first 2 tracks but still dark indeed. “Girl” with Jerome Voisin gives another side of Ghost Dance featuring a smooth groove with chilled pads. Voisin transports you in some deep 90s vibes, while Ghost Dance features his skills delivering a moody song with finesse.

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