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Seb Wildwood Announces Debut Artist Album 'sketches of transition'

The album will come in July via his label all my thoughts.
Seb Wildwood sketches of transition

Seb Wildwood has announced his debut album sketches of transition. The London electronic producer has become known for his various labels, Church, Coastal Haze, and all my thoughts, with a growing personal discography to match.

According to RA, the album will explore his own personal "moments of evolution and experience" over the past two years, when the record was made, in addition to his growing connection to the dancefloor. It will cover a lot of ground with broken beat, ambient and deep house all getting their moment to shine. It will have several features from Malcolm, Mauv and Buddy Love.

He released his four-track Grab The Wheel last year, which has helped propel him to even greater heights. 

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sketches of transition will be released via all my thoughts on July 26. He is touring quite a bit over the summer in support of the album around the world with gigs in the US, Europe and South America.


01. sketches
02. twenty eight
03. thought for food feat. Mauv
04. small talk
05. bahn
06. amelia feat. Mauv
07. one for malcolm
08. muscle memory
09. ghostie feat. Buddy Love
10. of transition

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