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Sleepy Tom Is Ready For The Summer With New Record 'All On You'

Sleepy Tom is back with a delicious slice of summertime house and nu-disco.
Sleepy Tom

Sleepy Tom has a new record out titled “All On You.” The Canadian DJ and producer released a six-track EP not two months ago and is already back with some new music. A summer-ready record, "All On You" features vocals from Junior Empire’s Joey Arnold.

“All On You” is built for the warmer months of the year with a funky bassline, catchy vocal and delicious piano melody. It straddles the line between nu-disco and summertime house with an emotional build that draws you in before the euphoric drop releases all of that tension.

The record was actually made last October in a London studio. Most summertime music is actually made in the fall / winter and vise versa, so it is all about the state of mind.

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“'All On You' was written while I was in London last October. I had a session with Joey Arnold (Junior Empire) at one of the small rooms at Tileyard studios,” explains Sleepy Tom. “We hadn’t met before, but hit it off right away, and managed to craft most of the song in a matter of hours—he’s quick with melody! We completed it over email, with him tracking his final vocal parts in London while I mixed it in Vancouver. Finishing it just in time to slide into your emotional summer playlists!”

Stream the tune below and pick up a copy here.

Check out Sleepy Tom's Magnetic Mix from four months ago here.

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