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Spotlight: The Calm Without the High - CBD For Hangovers

See how CBD can be your potential next hangover cure.
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CBD Hangover


The days are finally getting warmer and with that, the natural human instinct seems to be “go out more”. More sunlight hours and beer gardens beckon but with that often comes the ill-effects of too much booze. Whether you’re heading off for festivals, have a long weekend away booked or a wedding coming up, hangovers seem to go hand in hand with the events we look forward to most. It’s hardly surprising when you consider alcohol is in fact a mild poison, but it never seems to stop us. To prepare you for that - we’ve got a solution that isn’t just your usual Advil and greasy breakfast, it’s CBD.

CBD has been increasing in popularity for a number of reasons. People use it for sports recovery, stress and anxiety but with all the benefits to be gained from it, it’s practically the elixir of life for hungover bodies. It’s the calm-inducing compound in industrial hemp with none of the THC you’d find in marijuana, making it the perfect option for when you’re feeling a little fragile and just want to relax.

Why are hangovers a thing?

We all know hangovers happen when we’ve had too many drinks. The end result being some combination of a headache, nausea and the inability to eat (sometimes accompanied by vomiting), a dry mouth and the dreaded “hangxiety”. The root cause of all of this is dehydration and an excess of chemicals in your body that are produced when breaking down alcohol and a lack of vitamins you need to function normally.

Aside from downing a heap of water and taking a B-Complex tablet, CBD provides a lot of relief for some of the most common issues you’ll experience while your body recovers. While drinking within your limits and in moderation is the best way to go, some days those two after work wines just hit differently and you need to be up and at it the morning after for a big meeting. You no longer need to be one of those “I’ll never drink again” friends - we’ll explain why.

Why does CBD work for hangovers?

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CBD works with a system in your body that helps regulate things like pain, anxiety and nausea. Aka all the things that happen when you had too many vodka Red Bulls the night before. This is called the “endocannabinoid system” and basically, when you drink, this system gets thrown out of kilter - resulting in the sore head and upset stomach.

By adding more CBD back into your system, you help normalize it again. If you’re one of those people who gets the “stomach hangovers,” you’ll be pleased to know there’s even scientific evidence backing up its efficacy. Like when you drink water to help your body rehydrate, taking CBD helps replenish the cannabinoid receptors in your body.

CBD is also what’s called “naturally analgesic” - in layman's terms, it helps with pain. That crippling headache you’ve got that requires your largest and darkest pair of sunglasses gets better with a bit of help from some CBD. In the same way those receptors need CBD to stop you from feeling sick, the ones in your brain and nervous system help with regulating pain.

Aside from helping you physically, CBD also supports normal mental function, including alleviating stress and anxiety. In the same way people smoke weed to relax after a hard day, you can relax the same with CBD - just without the high. So, if you wake up with more stress about what happened last night than Stu and Phil in The Hangover, CBD is a great option to help calm your frazzled nerves while you delete those embarrassing photos off your Instagram story.

Interested? Here’s which products we recommend.

Unlike over the counter tablets which can interact with alcohol, CBD can safely be taken while you drink (bonus - you can get ahead of the headache before it even strikes). There are a bunch of different CBD products available and we’d recommend each for slightly different reasons. Use one alone or a few in conjunction, aside from after nights out, they’re all beneficial supplements for a busy lifestyle too.

  • Drops: Coming in little glass bottles, CBD tinctures are the most concentrated way to administer your hangover cure. They kick in within minutes and you only need a few drops under the tongue for a good effect. Super convenient and easy to administer, we recommend tinctures for taking before bed when you get home, then again in the morning when you wake up. They stay in your system for a long time and can get to work while your body is resting. You can get them in huge range of strengths and a few different kinds of oil base, usually hemp or coconut. If herby flavors aren’t for you, the coconut is a mild and palatable option.
  • Vaping: From dab pens to bottles of liquid you can put in your usual e-cig tank, CBD vape oils come in a range of strengths and flavors. Like we mentioned, you can use CBD while you’re drinking too so we’d recommend using this option while you’re still out (also good for the day after if you need an extra boost from the drops). They’re the most quickly absorbed and aside from that, they taste great.
  • Mints and other edibles: You’ve probably heard of microdosing before, which is exactly where edibles come in. Things like CBD gummies and mints pack a small dose in each serving, so they’re an ideal one to pair with drops if vaping isn’t for you. Take them throughout the day after the night before. Aside from the calming properties of CBD, flavours like peppermint adds to the anti-nausea effect. Bonus points for the fact they’re also good when your mouth is drier than the Colorado desert during Coachella.

There you have it - the three main symptoms of a hangover, three ways CBD helps fix them and three ways you can administer CBD to help fix it. You can now go forth, be merry and worry less about how you’ll feel the morning after. 

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