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Rhye Releases Tender, Beautiful New Piano Album 'Spirit'

The album came out of noodling on a borrowed piano and eventually formed into complete songs.

Rhye, real name Mike Milosh, has released his eight-track LP Spirit. The alum is an ode to the piano and the love of his life. As you may expect from such a combination, they are tender and beautiful. He also incorporates other instruments like strings and guitar with the occasional clap, like on “Needed,” but they are only to aid and guide the piano.

All of the songs are new, so this isn’t some sort of acoustic album from old records.

There is a single listed collaboration on the record with ambient titan Ólafur Arnalds, who provides some added lush melodies to “Patience” as Rhye sings about the need for patience while his lover is away. The lyrics aren’t groundbreaking and complex, but instead Rhye delivers earnest, tender words to his lover.

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At eight songs and 27 minutes it doesn’t drag at all, but holds together cohesively. He mixes in some instrumental tracks as well like the stunning “Green Eyes” and the opener “Dark,” which is pretty much an instrumental. The electric guitar on "Awake" adds another more upbeat element to the LP so it doesn't become sleepy. 

The album came to be when he was given a borrowed piano and started each day with working on the piano. Those ideas formed the basis for his album, which he was able to finish in a studio and work with other songwriters.

"About a year and a half ago, my girlfriend surprised me with a borrowed piano," Milosh says. "It wasn’t in the best shape, but it made itself at home in my apartment and I started playing it every morning… just messing around at first, but it slowly became a morning ritual I couldn’t shake. It's a collection of songs I did alone in the studio with just a piano, intertwined with collaborations with some of my favorite piano-based musicians."

Listen to Spirit below and pick up a copy here.

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