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Steve Lacy Embraces Cosmic Funk & Soul On Debut Album 'Apollo XXI'

The Internet's Steve Lacy's debut album is here.
Steve Lacy Apollo XXI

Steve Lacy, potentially best known as the guitarist for The Internet, has released his debut album Apollo XXI. The Compton-born musician has released music in the past outside of his work with The Internet, including an EP Steve Lacy’s Demo in 2017. Now the 21-year-old has released his debut album, giving fans a chance to see what he can do when leading the music.

Just as one would expect with a space-themed title, the album embraces its galactic features and takes the listener on a journey through space and time. The album gets right into that theme with the second track – a nine minute epic “Like me” featuring Daisy.

At nine minutes, “Like me,” would normally be way too long for a record where an artist just gets arrogant and wants to show off random noodling that doesn't add to the song. Lacy doesn’t do that, instead morphing the song with twisted synths and a mid-song change that keeps some of the previous elements alive, but becomes totally new and fresh.

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That is how the record feels as you move through it. There are strong 70’s funk and soul influences on “Playground” or “Guide,” but it adds a modern touch to the songs. There are also sex-seeped ballads like “Lay Me Down” or “In Lust We Trust” to emphasize the sensual nature of this record.

The name Apollo XXI is a name found elsewhere in pop culture. The Apollo NASA space missions ended at 17 (11 landed the first man on the moon), but the name has continued in film, music and other art forms. The name fits the album perfectly. Lacy takes the listener on a surreal interplanetary journey with his music that can make it difficult to sift through fact and fiction. Get ready for your cosmic journey of funk and soul with Steve Lacy.

Pick up your copy here.

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